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Favorite Things Friday {7.27.18}

1. I was so excited for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, y’all! I stayed up all night so I could place my order. I added everything to my bag, went to check out and POOF, my whole bag disappeared. At 3am. After hours of shopping. I was…..displeased. Then I finally was able to add things back to my bag and checkout only to have this message below pop up. Then it turns out my order went through 5 times, which maxed out my Nordstrom card. So I had to call….along with 68,000 other shoppers. I spent over 1.5 hours on hold trying to get it resolved. And by the time it got resolved 3 of my favorite items were sold out and canceled off my order. So why is this in the Friday Favorites post if it was such a hassle? Because Nordstrom has the best customer service reps, hands down. I cannot imagine how many irate customers they dealt with that day but after I waited on hold for 1.5 hours the rep I spoke with was still cheerful, upbeat, apologetic, and so very helpful. Your IT dept might suck donkey balls but your customer service department is second to none, Nordstrom!

2. The last week or so began the slow descent into back to school territory. I finally made the kids try on last year’s uniforms. And thank goodness I did. Zoey has NOTHING that fits from last year. No polos, no skirts, no shorts, no pants. I had sell all of her old uniform pieces and start buying her new stuff! Mason also outgrew all of his shorts and pants. I haven’t started Maia’s stuff yet. This is exhausting. I demand my kids stop growing. Immediately. We also have done the dentist for cleanings and check ups- no cavities! Maia had her 6 month med check with her doctor and we added a second antidepressant to her regimen. We’re also starting to look in the direction of Bipolar 2 for her, which scares me to death. And finally I did my first Target school supply run. It was painful. I still have at least one more to go because they were already sold out of some stuff- specifically STUPID PLASTIC 2 POCKET PRONG FOLDERS IN ORANGE, GREEN, AND PURPLE! Grrrr….

3. My birthday was this week. I turned 41. I celebrated with a trip to IKEA with my sister and my girls. We had a great time! Maia insisted on pictures and I’m so glad I obliged. Even with a double chin, bags under my eyes, and 15 lbs heavier than I’d like. Yet I’ve never been happier. My 40s are much better than my 30s so far! 

4. The kids have spent a lot of time with friends lately. Maia and Zoey have both had friends over to our house, Mason had a sleepover this week with his best friend, and Tyler is always with his friends if he’s not at football or work. I love the friendships they’ve made at our school and I love that I’ve become friends with their friends moms! Charter school world is very small and I love it. 

5. We did a late night Icee run to the QT down the road one night this week and the kids loved it. For $1.39 they each got a 32 oz frozen drink! You cannot beat that! And bonus- Matt and I came home and added Vodka to ours. Ha! Maia and I also tried the frozen coffee drinks this week and they were SO good!

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  • We have looked into a diagnosis of bipolar for one of my children and it totally freaked me out. I don’t know if it’s lucky or unlucky that he doesn’t really fit into any category – which his doctor is ok with, as long as his medication is working. We’re sticking with the triple A diagnosis basically for school, but otherwise we just take it as it comes.