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Favorite Things Friday {7.20.18}

1. Matt had nothing but ugly things to say about both Poppy the Flamingo pool and my pretty blue hammock when I brought them home. He is a minimalist and would be perfectly happy to have absolutely nothing in our backyard but his grill and one chair. I’m the opposite and since happy wife, happy life is a real thing we have a yard full of fun stuff. And yet- here he is enjoying both the pool and the hammock. Uh huh. Busted. 

2. Life with girls. It’s an experience. I swear every time I turn around I’m being asked to take pictures and then retake the pictures when they don’t meet approval. Poor Matt- he’s so confused. He was raised with all brothers so this is like an alien universe to him. 

3. I bought a Venus Fly Trap recently to help combat the flies in our backyard. I named her Phoebe, followed the directions, and waited for the show. Turns out Phoebe is a princess who doesn’t believe in catching her own food. Just what I needed- another mouth to feed in this house. Phoebe better get a grip. 

4. Speaking of Poppy the Flamingo pool- I emptied her out, scrubbed her, refilled her, and got her all ready for another week of fun. I didn’t take into consideration how hard it would be to completely drain a 6 foot pool. Ha! But it was worth it. I spent at least 2 hours soaking in her, reading a book, while the kids splashed around. It was glorious. 

5. Now that the World Cup is winding down and there are less games to watch I’ve been spending more time out in the hammock reading books. I have a huge list of books I’m trying to get through this summer and I can’t think of anywhere better to read than in the hammock enjoying the sunshine and blue skies. 

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