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Favorite Things Friday {7.13.18}

1. I’ve been working on getting the kids rooms done. Maia’s new bedding arrived and it’s perfect for her. She’s too old for cutesy but not old enough for the basic grandma quilt that I used to stage her room in the old house. I finally found something she loved and it’s amazing. Llamas. She loves it. Zoey chose a super cute comforter set and she’s so happy. Her old set was a hand me down from Maia and Zoey wanted to pick her own. I found a great hanging tapestry for Maia’s room and then on a whim bought a Llama head that really freaked out Zoey. Ha! I started the wall decor for Zoey this week and I’m waiting on a few pieces to arrive from Zulily. I can’t wait to show the full room reveals!

2. I’ve been working hard on getting the two front rooms done. I have all the furniture purchased and most of the decor. I’m just waiting for everything to show up so I can put it all together. We picked up the wine cooler this last weekend when it went on sale and the bar was delivered this week. I cannot wait to see it all come together. This is my favorite part- putting together all the pieces and creating something amazing!

3. Word of advice- never leave your phone unattended around a teen girl. Or you’ll come back to find 400 selfies taking up space on your phone. Sigh. 


4. There’s been a steady stream of kids and teens in our house for the last month. Maia, Zoey, and Mason’s best friends are here all the time and there’s always a herd of teen boys raiding my pantry. I love it. We enjoy their friends so much. Moving closer to school and their friends was the best decision we ever made. 

5. I’ve been trying to limit screens this summer. It’s been a challenge. The little kids haven’t been too upset about it but Maia….you’d think I cut off her hand. She’s the one who needed the detox more than anyone else. She only has her phone for an hour a day right now and that’s it. And guess what? Her moods have improved drastically. I’m tempted to get rid of the phones completely….for the kids, of course. I’d die without mine. Haha!

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