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5 Tips For An Affordable Beach Trip

I’ve shared the pictures from our beach trip this week and I wanted to share how we make our beach vacations affordable. Since we have kids in school now we can’t go in the offseason anymore. The middle of summer is pretty much our only opportunity. But there are definitely ways we make sure we keep our spending in check. 

1. Check Groupon for hotels. We have 2 or 3 favorite hotels and I religiously watch Groupon for room deals on those hotels. This year I found our suite for 60% off the regular prices! I booked way back in early March for a June vacation and saved hundreds of dollars!

2. Buy groceries! It is just way too expensive for us to eat out every meal. We typically eat every breakfast and lunch in the room so I buy stuff for sandwiches, some pre-made salads, and lunchables. I buy all the drinks and we take a cooler to the pool and ocean. The $116 we spent at Walmart saved us hundreds on eating out.

3. Take advantage of early bird dinner deals. The seafood all you can eat buffet that we love and have been going to for over a decade has a great early bird deal. Before 4:30, kids buffet is only $12.95 and adults save $5 each on their buffet. That saved us over $45 off what the cost would have been at 5:00! The other restaurant we always eat at is a great local steakhouse/tavern. If you get there by 4:30 kids eat free! That saved us $36! 

4. Don’t get sucked into outside attractions. We don’t do the water park, the amusement park, the zoo, the mini golf, the aquarium, the arcade, etc. We are there for the beach, ocean, and pools! So that’s where we spend all of our time. It’s cheaper for us to do the other stuff at home because we have memberships to the water park, amusement park, and zoo! 

5. Avoid the souvenir stores. This has been a hard and fast rule for us since the kids were small. This year we made an exception for 3 reasons- the kids are older, they have their own money to spend, and boogie boards were on sale for 2 for $5! But that’s all we paid for. Maia used her own money to buy a hoodie. Mason and Zoey saved their money and bought nothing. 

Those are just the basic ways we choose to save money at the beach. I cannot afford to shell out a thousand dollars on a 4-5 day beach trip. Especially not with a kid going to college soon!

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