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Things I’m Loving Lately

Hey, look y’all. I found a post already written and scheduled to post allllllll the way back in April but it never actually posted. Haha! So for your viewing pleasure I decided to post it today. Enjoy. 

1. Spring Break. Oh I am LOVING Spring Break. Ours started today and we have 11 glorious days to not wake up at 5:15am. 11 days of not packing lunches and enforcing bedtimes.

2. Ikea. We’re currently in the house staging part of getting the house ready to sell and Ikea has been my best friend. There’s nowhere else I could get what I need to stage this house for under $300 total!

3. Rejuvenate floor restorer. Our hardwood floors are totally beat up and need help but there is no room in our budget to sand and refinish them right now.

4. Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea. For some reason coffee is not sitting well with me lately so I switched to tea for a few weeks. This is the only tea I have found that gives me enough caffeine to avoid that dreaded headache that comes from caffeine withdrawal.

5. ALDI. I went earlier this week and came out with a big full cart for $109. It included all kinds of fresh fruit and veggies including cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, cutie mandarins, grapes, kiwi, organic spring mix, mini cucumbers, grape tomatoes, mini peppers, carrots….plus they had their delicious Chicken Parmesan pizzas on sale for $1.99 so I stocked up for Spring break!

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  • Denise Fouts Key

    I had to give up coffee about 15 years ago. Now I drink Bigelow’s American Breakfast tea with extra caffeine. I put flavored creamer in it just like I did with my coffee, so the flavor is the same. I still miss the smell of fresh brewed coffee, though.