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Our Summer 2018 Plans

We are a couple of weeks into our summer break and we’ve enjoyed every single second. I meant to write a post about our summer plans a few weeks ago but…well, moving. That’s pretty much my excuse for everything these days. Moving pretty much sucked all the energy and mojo right out of me for months. This summer is going to be different than summers of the past. We don’t have a neighborhood pool this year, which has comprised about 90% of all summer activities in the last 12 years. I was worried about how the kids would react to not having a pool but they actually didn’t mind. Typically by the third week of summer they’ve grown bored of the pool. Most of their friends had already moved from our old neighborhood so it just wasn’t as fun anymore. This year we’ve had to brainstorm other fun things to do and they had lots of great ideas!

Adventures and Fun for Summer 2018:

*Beach Trip
*Go bowling
*Go swimming at the lake
*Play mini golf
*Go to the waterpark
*Go to the spraygrounds
*Midnight Glo-stick hot tub swim
*Go to Carowinds
*See an outdoor movie
*Camp out in the backyard
*Enjoy Pelicans Snoballs
*Go to the zoo
*Go on a waterfall hike
*Have an ice cream sundae bar
*Go to the library
*Glo-stick night trampoline jumping
*Family Game Night
*Go to the aquarium
*Go to the children’s museum
*Enjoy the ice cream truck
*Go to the movies (we want to see Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Skyscraper, and maybe the Teen Titans movie)
*Host a water balloon dodgeball game
*Have a midnight movie marathon party
*Have a picnic in the park
*Host a World Cup viewing party

To make up for the lack of a neighborhood pool we’ve decked out our bonus room and backyard with fun stuff. We added an air hockey table, table tennis set, and basketball arcade game to the bonus room. Matt wants to add a pool table to the front room and I’m dying for a skeeball game. Basically we’re just old teenagers. We bought a trampoline and a portable hot tub for the backyard and the kids are loving it! I have some personal goals for summer as well.

My Goals:

*Read at least 10 books (hopefully more)
*Finish Zoey’s room
*Finish Maliah’s room
*Finish Mason’s room
*Finish the master bedroom
*Finish bonus room (create art center and finish tv area)
*Decide on what to do with the formal living and dining rooms (hint: neither will be used for formal rooms)
*Sell all the kids outgrown uniforms
*Go on at least 4 date nights

It’s going to be a great summer!

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