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Life Lately: The Week Of Chaos

So after having such a successful open house and first weekend of showings we had received several strong offers. We decided to close to showings and call for best and final offers by Monday at 5pm. We declined all requests for showings on Monday and just waited. It paid off. By 7pm on Monday our realtor was presenting 9 over asking price offers, most with escalation clauses. We knew immediately which offer we were accepting- an all cash offer $5000 over asking price with a short due diligence and fast close! It was like the unicorn of offers- a once in a lifetime kind of offer. We accepted and thus began our week of chaos. Because we had a short due diligence period and short closing date a lot of things had to be crammed into one week. 

We started the week with a second realtor coming in to do a short market analysis. We sold our house to a company who planned to lease it out so they didn’t do a formal appraisal. It was scheduled at 8am so I had to pack up the dogs and drive around for half an hour. I ended up just parking the car up at our neighborhood clubhouse and reading while the dogs barked at every person, animal, leaf, or wind gust that went past. It was a long 30 minutes. 

Then on Saturday we had the first inspection which lasted for several hours. We had 3 dogs and 3 kids in the car and literally just drove around for 3 hours.We got breakfast from a drive thru, drove up to the new house to let the dogs check out the backyard, swung by a dog park to let them get out some energy, and went back home. 

A very wonderful amazing dear friend surprised us with dinner one night which was so appreciated. Between the packing and cleaning the kids were pretty much fending for themselves for food. Thank goodness they all know how to work the microwave. Ha!

The buyers requested to do a second roof inspection (on a less than 9 year old 50 year roof still under warranty) so once again we had to clear out of the house. At least we didn’t have to take the dogs this time though since it was an outside inspection. We hit Target and browsed for a couple of hours. 

During this week we also had an incident in our neighbor’s yard. A teenager running from a speeding ticket jumped the curb on our street and ran up into our neighbor’s yard. He took out the fence and just barely missed the deck. Then he jumped out of the car and took off running through my yard. I had come outside to see what the loud noise was and he jumped my fence right in front of me. I’m not sure who was more shocked- me or him! He kept running and soon our neighborhood was full of cops, K9, tactical units, and a helicopter was circling above. Way too much excitement for our neighborhood. All I could think was please don’t let this be on the news and the buyers see it. ha!

We also had all the usual end of the school year events going on during this week. Maia had a party to go to and Zoey had her little best friend hanging out with us while her family dealt with a serious health crisis. 

The poor dogs were so out of sorts. Abby stopped eating and Bailey started losing his fur. So we had 2 trips to the vet that week also. Fortunately the dogs rebounded well and were back to normal quickly. 

We ate out almost every night during that week. I just did not have time or energy to worry about dinner. Steak n’ Shake probably knows us by name now. 

The next 2 pictures crack me up. I’ve been telling Matt about this giant metal chicken that I see on the side of the road every time I drive to the kids’ bus stop. But the ONE time he comes with me, the chicken was gone! So while we were out driving around during our inspections we happened to pass not one but TWO giant chickens. I’m still trying to convince him that one of these needs to come home with me!


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