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Life Lately: The End Of School Year

The end of the school year slammed into me like a train this year. All the STUFF that gets piled into the end of the school year on top of moving about did me in. I developed a twitch in one eye and crippling insomnia. It was not a pretty time in my house, y’all. Even the dogs hid. But we made it. And no children or animals were harmed. I didn’t even get a picture of the 4 kids on the last day because of the exam schedules (part of the cause for the eye twitch). Tyler had morning or afternoon exams for 3 days and then he was done for the year. Maia had 3 days of morning exams so she had to be picked up at noon every day. The little kids were the only ones who had school all week the last week. It was chaos. But I did manage to get a picture of these two cuties. 

This was our first year having kids in the lower school so it was our first experience with their annual butterfly release. I loved it! Zoey’s class was at 9:15am and we had a little celebration in her classroom first. I got some adorable pictures with her and two of her besties, who are just adorable!

And of course we had to get a picture with her beloved teacher who has become a friend of mine. I was one of 2 class coordinators for her and we spent a lot of time chatting this last year. And now, she practically my neighbor. She lives in the neighborhood across the street for our new one. 

The whole first grade went out into the reading garden to release their butterflies. It was so cute! Teachers are so smart, y’all. they gave these kids about 15 minutes to run and jump and get their wiggles out. So very smart. I got some more adorable pictures.

Every child got a butterfly wrapped in paper and when the principal gave the command they all released their butterflies and watched them fly away. The reading garden and sky was full of beautiful butterflies. 

About an hour after Zoey’s butterfly release ended we had Mason’s. We stayed on campus in between and watched some of Maia’s 7th grade field day. I cannot tell you how much I love having all of my kids on one campus together. It’s amazing. I can pop in and see all 4 kids in one trip if I need to. I love this school. 4th grade kids are so much more calm compared to the 1st grade kids. ha! There was no running wild, they just gathered in friend groups and hung out while we waited for the butterflies to be passed out. This is Mason’s best friend (one of them) and we just adore him. 

And this is the 3 muskateers. ha! These boys have been his best friends this year and they are amazing. So are their parents! And funny enough, the boy in the white shirt is the younger brother of one of the guys Tyler plays football with on the varsity team. Another benefit of our school- siblings know siblings all over campus. 

That same evening we attended the middle school art show. Maia had 3 pieces chosen for the show but she decided to only display one. She loves this drawing of the eyeball. We walked around the explored all the other art and holy cow, these kids have talent. I can barely draw a stick figure so I was incredibly impressed by the artwork of these middle school kids!

It was a great end to the school year and I survived. I can’t believe I have a senior, an 8th grader, a 5th grader, and a 2nd grader! That is crazy! 

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