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Life Lately: Open House Weekend

After minimal deliberation we decided to use our neighbor and good friend as our realtor. Who better to sell your house than a friend who lives next door? It was a whirlwind of activity. We spoke with her on a Thursday. She had professional pictures done on the Sunday. She listed our house live on MLS on Thursday and our open house was Saturday! We chose to not open for showings until after our open house because we planned to leave town that weekend. Our goal was to not have to deal with any showings while we were in the house and hoped to be under contract before we returned home. It was crazy town! Our listing went live Thursday night at 11pm. By Friday morning we had people circling our house in cars…..repeatedly. We happen to live in an extremely hot market area right now and people are literally fighting for houses. We had several people approach us in the driveway and yard while we were doing last minute things. We got 2 offers sight unseen that day!

Tyler had prom the night before our open house so it was a mad rush to get the dogs to boarding and the car packed up before we had to drive up to the clubhouse where prom pictures were being taken. We planned to leave at 8am on Saturday morning and stay up in the mountains with my parents until Sunday night. Maliah was spending the weekend with a friend and Tyler also stayed with friends for the weekend after prom. 

We rolled out of our house by 8:45am on Saturday morning. We stopped for Dunkin Donuts on the way to drop Maliah off at her friend’s house. She stayed with a friend from her old charter school and got to hang out with all those friends she hasn’t seen regularly since last year. She had a blast! I’m so glad she’s maintaining those connections. Charter school world is very small and everyone tends to know everyone else so I want her to keep those friendships alive. 

We had a blast staying with my parents. It was such a nice break after spending months trying to get the house ready to sell! We just hung out and relaxed!

My parents live in this fabulous neighborhood with huge lots, lots of land, and beautiful views. We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the much cooler weather!

We had a delicious Baked spaghetti and salad for dinner with lots of laughter and fun with some long time friends of the family that we just love to see. After dinner it was a gorgeous night so mom lit the fire pit and the kids got to make smores. 

Sunday was another lazy restful day. We were getting text updates from our realtor the whole time and were waiting impatiently to hear if we would get any offers. She said our open house was insane. I was also getting text updates from neighbors on our street who were amazed by the amount of activity we had on our house. So many people showed up at the open house that they were parking at the clubhouse and walking down to our street! Our realtor had to have her husband come man the front door because it was just too busy! The open house was schedule for 2 hours but ended up running 3.5 hours. Then we had back to back showings up until 7pm Saturday night and all day Sunday until 6pm. While we were at my parents we finalized our rental home and signed the lease. 

Maliah was texting me pictures of her fun times with friends. They went to see the movie, A Quiet Place, hung out at the outdoor mall, and she had a blast. 

We left my parents house around 5pm on Sunday for the 2 hour drive home. Our realtor texted us mid-drive to let us know we should close for showings the next day because we had multiple strong good offers already! It was such a relief! We had planned to show all day Monday because the dogs were staying at boarding until 6pm. I’m so thankful we didn’t have to! 

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