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Life Lately: Moments In May

There were lots of moments in May that I don’t want to forget and they all kind of got lost in the stress of moving! This first picture makes me laugh. Friday is spirit day at their charter school so all the kids can wear spirit shirts. Tyler and Maia both wandered out of their rooms wearing matching shirts. I found it hilarious. Maia found it hilarious. Tyler was less amused. 

Our new bonus room is huge and upstairs. I love it. It’s not the first thing you see when you walk in my house and all the noise is contained upstairs. How did I ever survive before? Since it’s so big up there we were able to buy the kids some fun things. I found this basketball arcade game on clearance at Walmart for less than $50! Sold! The kids have spent so many hours playing with this thing- even the teenagers have enjoyed it. 

One huge benefit of being up near school is that we’re also near their friends and near the lake. We love the lake! Maia and Tyler especially have spent hours and hours on the lake with friends. 

One of Maia’s friends lives on a farm and has a bunch of adorable goats. Maia is in heaven. She loves these goats. And the friend only lives a few minutes away from us, close enough that Maia can walk to her house! 

I surprised Maia with a spa day in mid-May. We both got much needed hair cuts and highlights. This was her first time getting professional highlights and I think I created a monster. 

One thing the kids love is board games. When we were packing to move I got rid of every board game that was missing pieces or broken- which was probably 90% of them. I’ve been slowly replacing them for the kids as I find them on sale. They really love Trouble and Battleship so those were 2 that I replaced immediately. 

We celebrated Memorial Day with my family. They wanted to see our new house so they came down for a cook out. It was really fun, although my nephew was not pleased that the old hot tub was not there. Ha! We had fun anyway!

The dogs have been really enjoying our new backyard. It’s flat, fenced, and near their people. They spend a lot of time out there. There are dogs on both sides of us so they have lots of other friends to bark at. The girls are enjoying it too. 

Maia had her annual eye exam in May and was thrilled to find out that the muscle weakness she had in her eyes has resolved completely. Her prescription didn’t change at all and she now has permission to wear her glasses a lot less. 

One of my favorite things that happened in May was my new SUV! We were nearing the end of my lease on the Honda Pilot and also nearing the mileage limit thanks to the distance from our old house to school. So when Nissan had a great sale over Memorial Day weekend we went ahead and traded the Pilot for a Pathfinder. I love this car! I went with silver this time and a charcoal leather interior. I’ve named her Penelope. 

Zoey had a birthday party at a great gymnastics place and had so much fun that she now wants to try gymnastics again. She did it when she was little but didn’t love it. I guess I’ll be finding a place closer to our new house for her to take some classes. 

Tyler’s car needed some work done after his various incidents over the last year. Matt replaced the broken headlight and the missing wheel well but we had to take it to the auto shop to get some of the other work done. New tires, fixed fuse in the headlight, oil change, inspection, brake work….over $1000 of work was needed. Sigh. Teenage drivers. 

May was a good month but I’m glad it’s over. It was a stressful month and I was so ready for summer break!

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