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Life Lately: Moments From March & April

March and April were pretty much a blur of getting our house ready to go on the market. I remember very little except how much I hate to paint walls. Haha! But I have all these great pictures on my phone so I assume we did other things besides paint! 

Zoey had a random encounter with the Easter Bunny at Walmart when we were there to buy some things for house staging. Mason declined to have his photo taken with the creepy Easter Bunny. I can’t imagine why? 

Mason started the recorder unit in his music class. That was a long long long month. Long month. Long. 

The kids had lots of play dates with friends while we got the house ready to go on the market. We couldn’t entertain them so our house was pretty much full of kids at all times. They enjoyed a few last dips in the hot tub, which I miss more than anything else except my fridge. Ha!

We ate a lot of fast food, donuts, and junk. Cooking pretty much went out the window for about 7 weeks. The kids loved it. I’ll spend the next year trying to lose the weight I put on during that 7 week oink-fest. 

Maliah spent lots of time with friends and continued to get prettier. She also got her first boyfriend. I’m pretty sure I don’t like this. 

You cannot take 2 men-children into a store without them acting like fools. Matt and Tyler pulled a total Miami Vice when we were in Kohl’s looking for dress pants. They entertained everyone around us. For the record, they did not buy those jackets even though they both wanted them. No. 

They also spent a lot of time napping on the couch during the NBA playoffs that they forced me to watch. Every time I tried to change the channel one of them would wake up and object. Every single time. 

And this would be the boyfriend. His name is Nick and he’s adorable. He’s sweet and he treats Maliah well and his parents are amazing. Also- both he and his older brother have a healthy fear of Tyler. It’s fine, we’re fine. Everything is fine. 

Lots of sleepovers and late night Dunkin Donut runs happened. Lots. And you know what happens when you give 2 very active teen girls coffee and donuts at 10pm? They’re up ALL night long. 

We didn’t see much of Tyler. He’s always out with friends and when we lived so far away he would spend several nights in a row with friends who lived closer to the school. He made an appearance every few days to get clean clothes and say hi to his dogs. We see him a lot more now that we live so close to school and his friends!

So that was pretty much March and April around our house. Lots of house reno, play dates, and late nights. 

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