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Life Lately: Field Trips, Friends & Fun

Life goes on no matter how busy selling a house makes it. One pro tip- never sell your house and move during the last month of school. It will seriously test your sanity and make you lose your **** on more than one occasion. I speak from experience here. 

Tyler spent most of his time on the lake with friends. Basically he has no poor friends. They’re all rich and they all have pools, boats, and lake houses. So he is living his best life right now. That cutie pie in the picture with him is his best girl friend and she’s amazing. I wish they would date but they don’t have that kind of relationship. Her 2 older brothers are good friends of Tyler’s. 

Zoey had a first grade field trip to the zoo and she loved it. She got to be in a small group with 3 of her favorite classmates and they had a blast. I was originally supposed to chaperone this trip but it was rescheduled due to thunderstorms and I couldn’t do the make up day. I was bummed and so was she but my co-class coordinator stepped in and had Zoey in her group for the day. Her son is Zoey’s best friend. 

Maia hung out with friends nearly every day. Because we didn’t have enough going on in life. I am grateful for the amazing girls she has in her life though. 

Tyler was invited to go to the beach with friends (and 2 parent chaperones) so he spent 4 days partying his way up and down the coast. Fortunately he did not come home with third degree sunburn. 

Mason had a field trip to a local place that emulates a small town. The kids all have jobs within that town and they learn how the real world works. Mason’s job was office manager at the urgent care center. He had a blast and learned a lot!

Zoey had lots of play dates with her best friend while we finished packing up our house. She was bored silly so spending time with her friend was such a blessing!

Maia’s 7th grade English Honors class was fortunate enough to have the man who inspired the book, A Long Walk to Water, come speak at their school. She loved the book and really enjoyed hearing what he had to say. It was a great experience for her!

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