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Life: Closing Day & Settling In

Closing day came quicker than we imagined it would. We had a short closing anyway but when you’re trying to coordinate a move, cleaning a new and old house, and everything else that goes along with moving….it get busy. I’m glad we made the decision to move into our new home the week before we closed on our old home though. Matt and I were able to spend a full days at the old house cleaning and making sure everything was ready for closing. It wasn’t as emotional or difficult to say goodbye to our old home as I thought it would be. I took it as a sign that we were ready.

We closed at 10am in the morning and it was a looooong drive from our new house. Matt and I ended up about 40 minutes early so we stopped at the cutest little coffee shop first. Closing took all of 15 minutes- sign here, sign there, wire transfer done, here’s the keys. That was it. The buyers weren’t present so it was easy peasy. 

We took the kids out to Texas Roadhouse that night to celebrate the closing and went ahead and hit up IKEA to order some furniture while we were on that end of town. We used to be only 10 minutes from IKEA, now we’re 45 minutes away. I miss you, IKEA. I promise to visit often.


We paused from our new house unpacking to half ass a 1st grade animal habitat project. Literally half assed it, y’all. All my craft stuff was packed and so were most of Zoey’s toys. We ended up doing a Toucan in a “rainforest” because we found a clay toucan in bright colors (wrong colors, haha). I slapped some green felt in the bottom of a shoebox, added some Littlest Pet Shop animals, some LEGO palm trees, a Barbie swimming pool, and called it a day. If they wanted my A game then they should have assigned this back in October when I still had cares and effort to give. Amen and Hallelujah.

We paid the $59 to have IKEA deliver our new furniture because it was A LOT. We ordered 3 queen size bed frames, 2 queen mattresses, 4 dressers, a desk chair, 4 bar stools, a table, 4 stools, 2 nightstands, and all the bed bases. No way were we getting all that home in one trip. Well worth the $59!

Poor Matt. He got the job of putting all the furniture together. Although to be fair, I put together all 4 dressers and both nightstands by myself. So boom. I don’t think he was impressed. 

While he was in furniture assembly hell I started on my gallery walls. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do gallery walls but I had to. It just didn’t feel like home without them. I did scale them back a bit though and spread out the stuff. I did a wall in the dining room and one in the family room to start. Since then I’ve done one in the hallway upstairs, one in the bonus room, and one in the master bedroom. 

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