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He Said, She Said: Father’s Day

Setting the Scene: Matt and Maia were debating Father’s Day. Maia insisted that she already gave him a gift- the gift of being her father. Matt countered with the argument that he created her so he gave her the gift of life. And that’s where I got involved.

She Said: Hold up there, sir. I believe I did all the hard work to give her life.

He Said: Technically my chromosomes gave her life.

She Said: Hmmm….technically my uterus grew her and my vagina shot her out into the world.

He Said: But without my seed she wouldn’t exist.

She Said: And without my egg your seed would just be useless. 

He Said: It’s like the chicken and the egg debate.

She Said: Let’s just be honest. Your part took a minute. Mine took 9 months. I did the hard work.

He Said: But it all started with me. I’m like Jesus.

She Said: So what does that make me?

He Said: Shesus?

She Said: You’re done talking now.

The End.

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