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Five Things Friday {6.15.18}

1. Tyler and Maia recently had their sports physicals and both failed. Sigh. And not for the reasons one might expect. I would assume Tyler failed because of repeated concussions. Nope. He failed because the nurse heard a heart murmur and sent him for an EKG. So now we’re in a holding pattern waiting for his EKG to be read by a cardiologist. Maia failed because she has a lingering foot injury that needed further evaluation. They were both so bummed that I treated them to Chick-fil-a afterwards. 

Maia had her follow up this week for her foot. Thankfully it’s not a break. But it is a severe high ankle sprain with a moderate foot sprain and mild ligament damage. So she’s in an ASO brace for the rest of summer and doing rehab twice a week. Hopefully she’ll be fully healed and ready by the time cross country starts at the end of summer. 

2. We’ve been working some on our backyard this week too. We enlarged the fenced area to give not only us but the dogs more space to run. We might actually enlarge it some more soon. But for now it works. We love this no dig fence from Lowe’s Home Improvement. Easy to install and sturdy enough to stand up to the dogs. 

My hillbilly hot tub was delivered and I got it set up this last week. It’s not as janky as I was fearing. It’s actually really well made. It’s filled and fully heated now so I can’t wait to take my first dip! 

I snagged a Badminton set for the kids on sale a couple of weeks ago and we finally got it set up for them. They have spent hours outside playing Badminton! Our backyard is fully in the shade by about 3pm and we get a fabulous breeze all the time so they’ve been outside a lot. Best part? No trees means no mosquitoes! 

Another thing I snagged on sale was a full size hammock with stand, blanket, pillow, and cupholder! It ended up only being $69 with free ship on Kohl’s! I’ve wanted a hammock for so long but never bothered to get one because I knew I wouldn’t use it with all the dang mosquitoes at the other house. Now I can enjoy it!

We’ve been enjoying the backyard so much that I haven’t cooked in a week! We’ve grilled every single night and I love it! Last night we did chicken skewers and Zucchini boats. Delicious!

3. Tyler has been bugging me for a year to let him get his ears pierced. I always put it off because of football and basketball and training camps, etc. I finally caved this week and took him. Now, I could have taken him to the tattoo place and had it done but it was much more fun (for me) to make him go to Claire’s to get it done. HAHAHAHA! It was awesome. The best part was the unicorn sign over his head. Of course, he didn’t even flinch and even asked the lady when she was going to start. She laughed and told him he was all done. 

The girls came along too. Zoey because she wanted me to buy her stuff. And Maia because she wanted to video Tyler just in case he shed a tear. He did not. But they had fun anyway. And I took 2 more pictures of them to add to the big ball collection. 

4. I broke down and bought a Ninja Coffee Bar this week. I’ve been unhappy with the Keurig for a long time but I was trying to hold out until the stupid thing broke. But it would not die! Then my ENT recommended I get rid of it because I tested positive for mold spores which he thinks are contributing to my constant sinus infections. Considering how many times I’ve cleaned a spot of mold out of the Keurig I feel confident that it’s a source. So it went into the trash immediately and I replaced it with this beauty. So far I’ve made both hot and iced coffee and it’s delicious and easy! I wish I hadn’t waited so long!

5. Zoey’s best friend came up to spend the day with us this week and brought her mommy along to (who happens to be one of my best friends). So we took the kids to the amazing park down the road from us and let them play on the playground and then walked along the Greenway for awhile. It was so much fun and so nice to spend the day with friends!

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