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Favorite Things Friday {6.29.18}

1. I finally broke down and bought myself an Instant Pot. The big 8 quart one went on sale on Amazon and I snapped it up. I already have a handful of recipes saved and I’ve tried the spaghetti, orange chicken, and Bang Bang Shrimp already and they were aaaaaaamazing! So easy and so fast and cleanup was simple. I’m hooked! I cannot wait to build my recipe collection! I’ll be sharing some of the really good ones soon!

2. I’ve been waiting for a few years to get a large wooden sign with the Forever Young lyrics. I wanted one so badly but I had nowhere to hang it in the old house. Well in the new house I made sure to leave a wall free for my sign. And when Small Wood Home had a big sale last week I snapped up my sign. I love it. I love it so hard. And it’s perfect where I wanted it. 

3. There’s been a lot of Amazon Prime packages showing up on my doorstep lately courtesy of insomnia, margaritas, and late night impulse shopping. Luckily they’ve mostly been useful things…..although the giant bag of kitty litter wasn’t needed. Not sure what happened there. But the most recent purchase that arrived was a Quesadilla maker. And it’s awesome. How did I live without it before? No seriously, how? The first night I made 6 quesadillas in less than 15 minutes! The kids are thrilled!

4. So I was shopping at Sam’s Club recently for the necessities and this fabulous giant flamingo pool just flung herself into my cart. I mean, what was I supposed to do? It was kismet. So I named her Poppy and brought her home and now I love her. Ha! Seriously though, this pool is HUGE and amazing. It was on sale for $40 and it also doubles as a float for the lake. The kids love it and I love to sit in it and get some sun with a margarita. Basically I’m living my best life right now with my Hillbilly Hot Tub, my Flamingo pool, and summer. It’s awesome to be so happy and less stressed after 6 months of constant panic and stress. 

5. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my hammock too! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to sit in a hammock with a new book and enjoy my backyard without being eaten alive by mosquitoes! We rarely used our huge back deck at the old house because we could not control the mosquitoes! Now we’re outside all the time and I love it. 

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