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Life Lately: Getting Ready To Sell Our House

Getting ready to sell a house that you’ve lived in for nearly 13 years is painful. Seriously painful. I declutter regularly and still….ALL THE STUFF! I spent weeks cleaning out closets, drawers, cabinets, and under beds. And still. ALL THE STUFF! When I ran out of stuff to donate we finally rented a storage unit close to the house so we could get ready to stage the house. It worked out great. The place was offering the first month free and our house sold so quickly that we ended up only needing the unit for 29 days. Score! And yes, I did pack up half of my closet in trash bags. Don’t judge me. 

We made about a thousand trips to Lowe’s Home Improvement for various things. Plants for around the hot tub, plants for the front stoop, a new door mat, mulch for the backyard…it was endless. You know the old show Cheers? Where everyone knows your name? Well, Lowe’s is my Cheers. They knew us by name by the time we moved. 

We had so many projects to get done. The lists were endless. Matt pressure washed the entire outside in one day. We tried to get the house professionally pressure washed but it was too tight of a timeline. While he pressure washed I redid all the gel stain in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. It was a big job but it looked so good afterwards!

The week before we listed our house on the market we hustled to get our deck done. Matt and I hit Home Depot and had an impromptu date night. The kids said it was an old person date night. They are not wrong. We ate dinner and bought deck paint and moving boxes. Living the dream. 

It took us nearly an entire weekend to get the deck fully painted. We used Behr Premium Deck Over and I highly recommend it! The deck looked brand new by the time we were done! It was well worth the 48 hours and $80 to do it!

We also made a trip to IKEA to grab some things for staging our house. Mainly I bought pillows for beds and new comforters for the kids’ beds. That spruced up the bedrooms immediately. We didn’t need much- throw pillows and pillow covers, some candles, and a few accessories rounded out my staging plan. 

It was a hectic few months trying to make our house look like nobody lived in it. Ha! Lots of painting, lots of decluttering, lots of cleaning, and lots of staging. It was worth the effort but man, it was a ton of work! 

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