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Things I Learned Lately


*Painting an entire house full of trim in less than a month will lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. 

*Carpal tunnel syndrome sucks.

*Preparing a house for sale also sucks and possibly will lead to alcoholism.

*When you finally find a rental house that you love get the lease signed immediately or said house will be gone.

*Finding a house big enough for 7 people and 3 dogs on a budget in the most expensive part of the city is hard.

*Spending 3 days researching living in an RV is not a good use of time.

*There’s no way I’m living in an RV with all these people.

*Adulting is hard.

*7th grade mean girls are just as awful as they were when I was in 7th grade.

*Teenage boys are stupid. 

*There are not enough hours in a day to get everything done that needs to be done.

*Daylight savings time is much much easier when you don’t have little kids.

*We have 11 school days left until Spring Break and I cannot wait. 

*Being the non-affluent family in a very affluent school is hard. 

*I tell the kids it’s character building but it really just sucks.

*This list of things I’ve learned is really depressing.

*I think my funny bone is broken right now. Broken by stress. 


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