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Chronicles Of A Flu Stricken Family

So I completely disappeared from this blog last week. There was a good reason. Our entire family, with the exception of Tyler, was stricken down with the dreaded flu. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw me chronicle parts of the week. Here’s a glimpse into the week of a family struck down by Influenza.

Day One:


That’s patient zero up there. Saturday evening Mason started feeling crummy. 3 hours later he had a fever of 103 and was miserable. So first thing Sunday morning we were at Target Minute Clinic for a flu test and exam. He was positive for Influenza A. I took the prescription for Tamiflu and the doctor’s not very optimistic “good luck” and we went home. I called around to all 34 pharmacies nearest me until I found one with Tamiflu in stock. $50 later we had the last 2 bottles of medicine that was so awful it made Mason gag and cry every time he had to take it. 

Day Two:


Monday morning came in like a wrecking ball. All 3 younger kids had fevers hovering between 103-104 all day long. They were sad, miserable, and impossible to please. I spent the day catering to a hoard of tiny dictators who insisted on sharing their germs with me. I almost lost a finger trying to sneak a Kit-Kat out of their Halloween candy but flu germs? Those they’re willing to share. Matt came home early Monday afternoon with the dreaded Man Flu. And Tyler refused to set foot in our house until all the flu germs were gone. He packed a bag for the week and took off for a friend’s house. Lucky. 

Day 3:



All that lovely sharing of flu germs worked and I woke up with a high fever and a general feeling of death. Matt stayed home from work- his first sick day in 12 years! Dang Asian immune system. The entire day consisted of lying on the couch and occasionally tossing medicine at sick kids. I don’t remember anything else. 

Day 4:


That picture pretty much sums it up. A gazillion dollars spent at the pharmacy just to keep us alive. Day four brought with it fun tummy troubles for the kids which led to more moaning and whining. After I made the trip up the stairs for the millionth time to take a kid a fresh water bottle while Matt moaned on the couch, I started to wonder just how long I’d have to hold that pillow over his face……luckily for him the stairs sucked out all my strength. 

Day 5:



Day 5 brought total misery for Zoey. Her cough turned into wheezing and severe congestion, her ears started hurting, and the dreaded white patches appeared in the back of her throat. We did some spoonfuls of honey and peppermint essential oil in the diffuser to help with her coughing. Then we did a detox bath with more oils. It definitely did help! I got her into the doctors that afternoon and sure enough- strep throat and a double ear infection. Go big or go home, Zoey!

Day 6:



Day 6 saw some improvements finally. Mason was fever free for the entire day. Maliah was also fever free. She declined to have any pictures taken of her while battling the flu. I don’t understand her reluctance. Ha. Once Zoey got a few doses of her antibiotics in her, she felt much better. 

Day 7:


We finally left the house. Finally. Everyone was fever free and starting to go crazy in the house. So we headed out to Target. We needed some stuff- like Lysol and food. The kids were so excited to re-enter the land of the living again. 

So ends the week of misery. Everyone went back to school today and Matt went back to work. Tyler finally came home last night. I spent the entire day washing and sanitizing bedrooms and bedding. Every square inch of this house has been disinfected and cleaned. I’m not taking any chances!


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