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5 Things Friday {2.23.18}


1. I finally got to Zoey’s room this last weekend. Oh my gosh. My sweet little hoarder. I pulled so much stuff out of her room. So Much Stuff. More than I even knew she had crammed in there. But she was a good sport and helped me clean out probably 75% of the stuff she didn’t need. We packed up 3 bags of clothes to donate to a friend. She got rid of a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls and toys that she hasn’t played with in a long time. We got rid of her art desk because it was too small for her. Then I painted. The trim got painted a brighter white, the upper walls are a pale gray and the lower walls are a darker gray. Then we rearranged her furniture to make her room more functional. It looks fantastic! I haven’t done any decorating yet but the change is just amazing!




2. Maliah has been doing so well lately that we were able to cut her weekly therapy down to once a month and she’s holding steady on her current dosage of her anti-anxiety medication. She continues to get great grades and spends a lot of time with her friends. I think she’s finally turned the corner. We like all of her friends so much and their parents are great too. It’s a joy to have a pack of giggling teen girls in the house. They love to hang out here….I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with the large amount of varsity football players who also love to hang out here. ha!


3. The donate pile has taken over our living room. It’s stressing me out but I need to have all the donate stuff in one location. I just keep adding to it every single day. I look at all this stuff and I don’t know where it all came from! This is too much stuff! And we’ve already taken 2 loads to Goodwill, y’all!


4. Once I finished Zoey’s room I moved into Mason’s room. His whole room needed to be painted also. I used the same paint from Zoey’s room to make it easy. And it looks fantastic! I cannot believe the difference it’s made. Mason got rid of a bunch of stuff too and we rearranged his room to give him more space. I took out his desk because it was just a clutter catcher and moved 90% of his toys to his closet because he had a ton of extra space in there. I pulled out a huge bag of clothes to pass on to my nephew and it felt so good to simplify!



5. I had a warning light come on in my 2 year old Honda Pilot this week so we took it in for service yesterday. I was hoping it would be a simple quick repair but that’s not how things roll in this house. It’s the ECM- the engine computer module- that controls every main system in the car. Awesome. So it’s still at the dealership getting fixed and I’m in a rental car until further notice. I know it’s not that big of a deal, especially since we aren’t having to pay anything to get it fixed thanks to our bumper to bumper warranty, but it just feels like one more thing right now on top of all the other things. I just keep taking deep breaths and channeling all my frustration into cleaning out this house. 


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  • You might check into the ARC for donations – they will pick up and in some places have weekly routes!