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Friday Favorites: Snow Edition {1.19.18}

Friday Favorites

This week my Friday Favorites are all about SNOW! Because we finally got some snow! It’s mainly a once a year event where we live so we are always super excited for a snow day. We woke up on Wednesday morning to a couple of inches of snow and no school so Matt decided to just work from home. 


We hunkered down enjoying hot cocoa and a roaring fire for a good part of the day while Mother Nature dumped another 4ish inches on us. It was so pretty! The dogs were in heaven. They went in and out all morning, frolicking in the snow and wrestling with each other. After lunch the heaviest snow was tapering off into flurries so the kids decided they were ready to go out and play. Tyler was snowed in up at a friends’ house near school so it was just the younger 3. 






My poor mismatched kids. We pretty much only get snow once a year so no expensive snow suits and boots for us. Zoey is wearing 2 layers of fleece, Mason’s old mittens and hats, and snow boots that are at least 2 sizes too small. She didn’t care. 







The kids had a great time building snowmen and having a snowball fight with the dogs. I’m pretty sure the dogs won! 




The first attempt at snow angels was unsuccessful for Zoey. Apparently she is not a fan of snow down her pants. Ha! Tears were shed but just momentarily. 

IMG_7048 (1)

IMG_7049 (1)

IMG_7050 (1)

The second attempt went much better. I tucked her first layer shirt into her pants and that helped a lot. Her snow angel turned out great! She was really proud of herself. 

IMG_7051 (1)

IMG_7052 (1)

IMG_7053 (1)

After the kids were frozen ice pops they came in to warm up with some hot cocoa in front of the fire. While they were defrosting, I upheld a long honored tradition in my family. Every snow over 2 inches means we make snow cream. My mom started this when I was a little girl and we always looked so forward to it! Now my kids are the ones who look forward to it. 





We capped off the snow day with some delicious Loaded Baked Potato Soup and french bread. Yum! The kids watched movies and school was officially closed for Thursday so bedtimes were abandoned.

IMG_6952 (1)

I love snow days! I especially love them when the snow drops 4-6″ on us in one day, we enjoy a couple of days off school, and then the temps hit the 60’s 2 days later. A postcard snow- that’s right up my alley. Ha! I would not do well in the North, that’s for sure. 


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