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3 Things Thursday {1.25.18}

marquee number - 3

While we’re in the middle of making some huge life altering decisions we decided to go ahead and get some much needed and long overdue house projects done. Project number one is painting all the trim in this house. We bought this house almost 13 years ago and it had been freshly painted. I ran out of the trim paint for touch ups about 5 years ago. The trim looks awful now. And it’s cream. It’s way out of style now. So I’m repainting all the trim in the whole house in a nice bright white. I’ve completed the kitchen, nook, and I have one wall left in the family room. I cannot believe the difference it’s making. I should have done this years ago!


Mason had his 10th birthday this week. 10! He’s double digits. I love this kid. I took cupcakes up to his class to celebrate his birthday and he was so excited to see me. I’m savoring these last couple of years when he’s still excited to see me walk into his class. Ha! He’s such a cool kid. He’s funny and strong willed. He’s an introvert who is happy surrounded by a few really great friends. He’s a math whiz, tolerates reading, and wants to be either an Infectious Disease Doctor or an Epidemiologist for the CDC when he grows up. His favorite books are Captain Underpants and the I Survived series. His favorite TV show is Monsters Inside Me. Ha!


We attended the Varsity Football end of season banquet this week also. I was team mom so I had to plan it and pull it off. Otherwise, quite honestly, we probably would not have gone. Tyler is still a little bitter about missing 3/4 of the season with the concussion and I’m bitter about the way one of the coaches treated him. But it was a banquet to celebrate the seniors so we went. And it was fun to hang out with the parents and to see the guys together again. I got to talk to the coaches and the trainer, who had no idea about the struggles Tyler is still dealing with because he never says anything. Boys. So I have fulfilled my obligation as team mom for this year. And I doubt I’ll be volunteering again next year. Ha! Zoey and her best friend hit the dessert bar and had the best of times. By the time we found them among all the giant football players they’d already consumed multiple cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. The players just kept handing them treats. Ha!



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