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3 Things Thursday {1.18.18}

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We spent part of last weekend house hunting. Planning, dreaming, praying. Hoping. Trying desperately to find a way to make it work. We’re in the middle of some major, big, life changing decisions right now. Big things are on the horizon and I feel almost paralyzed by the magnitude of the decisions we need to make very very soon. I don’t do well with this stress. It makes my stomach hurt. 

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Maliah and one of her besties hit up the mall on Monday and tore it up. It’s crazy watching my kids grow up. Tyler is barely home. Maliah is always making plans. The only ones who want to be at home are Mason and Zoey. And I know that will be changing soon. 


We finally got snow. The kids woke up to about 2 inches on the ground and no school yesterday. Then we got another 4 inches or so during the daytime so school was closed again today. Tyler is snowed in up near school with friends, making questionable decisions and giving his mother an ulcer. The others played in the snow today with the dogs and then helped shovel the driveway. I’m crossing my fingers that they’re out on Friday too. Nothing like a 5 day weekend to make my soul sing. 



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