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3 Ingredient Snow Cream


One of my most favorite memories from childhood was my mom making snow cream every time we got a big snow storm. We don’t get as much snow now as we did when I was a kid but at least once a winter we get a really decent snow day. I’m continuing the tradition with my kids now and they love it as much as I did! 

10-12 cups of fresh snow
2 tsp vanilla
1 can sweetened condensed milk

1. Pour half of snow in large bowl.
2. Add 1 tsp vanilla.
3. Add half of sweetened condensed milk.
4. Gently fold together with plastic spatula.
5. Add the rest of snow.
6. Add remaining 1 tsp vanilla and remaining half of sweetened condensed milk.
7. Gently fold mixture together.
8. Scoop into tupperware container and cover tightly.
9. Place in freezer for an hour to solidify.

That’s it. Seriously, it’s so easy! The sweetened condensed milk doesn’t freeze so the snow cream stays the consistency of snow instead of becoming hardened. I made a double batch and we ate it for a few days. If you live somewhere with lots of snow, you have to try this treat!


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