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2018 Monthly Goals: February


It’s my very first monthly goals post of 2018! And I have a whole lot of goals that need to be met in the very near future. We are short of time and long on stuff to get done. Our goal is to sell our house in the next 3 months to enable us to move closer to the kids’ charter school. The commute is killing us. So all of my goals this month have to do with getting this house in order. 

1. Get all the trim in the house painted. I didn’t realize just how much trim and moldings were in this house until I started prepping to paint. Oh my gosh. It never ends. I’ve already gotten the trim in the kitchen, nook, and family room done. I’m working on the living room right now. So much trim. I’m going to have nightmares about painting trim. 

2. Make all necessary small repairs around the house. Ugh. I have a list started for each room and I’m already tired just looking at it. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it. 

3. Clear out all the clutter in the house. I’m going room to room and decluttering every single part. I foresee a whole lot of trips to Goodwill in the very near future. There is so much stuff in this house that we really don’t need and I have zero intention of moving anything we don’t need. I’m being ruthless. It’s just stuff. 

4. Get every room staged. There are several rooms that need to be painted- 2 bathrooms, Mason’s bedroom, Zoey’s bedroom, and the master bedroom. The other rooms just need to have the paint touched up. But pretty much every room needs to be staged. I’ve already removed all personal photos but I need to remove any furniture or knick knacks that are unnecessary. 

5. Take pictures of each room after it’s staged. We’re considering giving this new OfferPad service a try. I don’t know if it’s legit or if the offer will be any good but we’re willing to give it a shot before listing with a realtor. Who knows, maybe they’ll make us a good offer and we can be out of here sooner? You never know unless you try, right?

So all in all, February is going to be a busy month! Wish me luck!


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