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Weekly Book Club {11.8.17}


I read 2 books from one of my favorite authors last week! I loved one and liked the other. I have so many books that I’m trying to get to by the end of this year!

1. Protecting Dakota by Susan Stoker– Dakota James’s life has become the stuff of nightmares. The leader of the Ansar al-Shari’a terrorist group has become obsessed with her, determined to take her as his wife. On the run, she’ll have to pin her hopes on the retired SEAL charged with finding and stopping Aziz Fourati before he can carry out plans to bomb more US airports. Recently recruited to join a sleeper SEAL team tasked with fighting terrorism on US soil, Slade “Cutter” Cutsinger, with the help of some Special Forces friends, has located the one woman who can identify the deadly Ansar al-Shari’a leader. That was the easy part. Keeping her safe proves more difficult than anyone ever imagined. When she and her new friend, Caroline, are kidnapped by the terrorist group, Dakota can only pray Cutter and the SEALs will reach them before they’re taken out of the country—and away from Cutter forever.

I loved this book! It was full of action, full of romance, full of badassery. The main characters were awesome, they were both older and wiser. They made good decisions, had great chemistry, and the story was fast paced. My favorite thing was seeing characters from her other books. It’s like catching up with old friends! This book is a standalone with a HEA ending. But you should read all her other books because they’re amazing!

2. Rescuing Bryn by Susan Stoker– When you’re a Delta Force soldier, you see a lot. Often too much. But nothing can ever prepare you to see your entire team die before your eyes… The loss of his Delta brothers—and his arm—has Dane “Fish” Munroe still struggling months later. He’s moved to Idaho, where an isolated lifestyle is making things worse, not better. Not that there’s anyone left to care. Actually, Bryn Hartwell cares. In fact, she tries to surreptitiously make life just a little easier for the mysterious man who comes into the grocery where she works late at night, only to get a tongue lashing for her trouble. Still, he’s obviously hurting; someone has to worry about him, spurring Bryn to nurse Dane when he hits a particularly low point. Intrigued by the quirky, kind, socially awkward woman, Dane allows himself to get close to someone for the first time in ages. A potentially epic mistake—because when her interest in the prepper lifestyle puts Bryn in the hands of a homegrown terrorist, losing her could put Dane’s mental recovery permanently out of reach. But once a Delta, always a Delta. And there’s a team in Texas who are ready to have Dane’s back at a moment’s notice. 

I enjoyed this book but there were things that bugged me. First, this book is number 6 in the Delta Force Heroes series. It was a good edition to the series but definitely not my favorite. Bryn was a difficult character. I understand why the author wrote her the way she did but she was still annoying. She had more than a couple too stupid to live moments that frustrated me and slowed down the story line. I liked Dane and I liked them together but it was hard to believe the chemistry between them. 


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