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Weekly Book Club {11.15.17}


After reading two books from one of my favorite authors last week it was hard to top that. I did read a couple of books though- one that I enjoyed and one that I a bit more ambivalent about.

1. In the Night by Melissa Sinclair– Ten years ago Kara Vanderbilt was abducted and tortured for four days. She fought her way out of the hands of a sadistic madman and struggled to safety, nearly dying in the process, only to have her world shattered once safely home. Fleeing her family home and the only person who loves her, she tries to start over, but distance does not heal all wounds. Kara goes home seeking closure and gets sucked into a murder case that sounds eerily familiar. But the similarities must be a coincidence, because the person responsible all those years ago died in a fiery crash. With her life in turmoil Kara meets a man she can start a life with. But will it be too late? With the help of Detective Caleb Montgomery, Kara races to find the killer before he finishes the job that was started all those years ago.

My Rating: 4 Stars

I enjoyed this book. It was suspenseful, well written, character driven, and I liked the twists and turns. The ending could have been cliche but it was so tightly written that it came off well. There is some major triggers in this story so if sexual assault is an issue for you, skip this book entirely. It wasn’t a romance book per say, it was more in the genre of romantic suspense, heavy on the suspense. I will definitely check out more books by this author. 

2. Deal with the Devil by Evangeline Anderson– Luz Velez is a shapeshifter who can’t shift. Every time she tries to summon her inner wolf, she has a massive panic attack. Worse, her anxiety extends to the rest of her life. At twenty-seven, she’s still a virgin because attempting to have sex sends her into lockdown mode. She’s miserable and stuck—until Jude Jacobson comes along. Tall, blond and dangerous, Jude is the most feared vampire in town and the minute he sees her, he wants Luz. Vampires and shapeshifters don’t date but he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—a blood exchange that will help her control her panic attacks and give her the life she’s always wanted. Luz is desperate—she takes Jude up on his offer. But she doesn’t expect to fall for the darkly seductive vampire—or to be plunged into danger when her past comes calling. When Jude’s own dark secret comes to light, she begins to question her deal with the devil and wonder if she and Jude can make it…or if they’ll die trying.

My Rating: 3 Stars

I have mixed feelings about this book. I had really really high hopes, this story line sounded right up my alley. But something didn’t click for me. I liked the characters but I didn’t feel any connection to them. I felt like there was more smexy time than story and that was disappointing to me. I like my smexy scenes as much as anyone but I need a good strong story to go with it and this book was not that. I probably won’t read any more in this series. And again, trigger warnings in this book. 


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