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He Said, She Said: Hosting Thanksgiving


Setting the Scene: As I’ve mentioned before, we always host Thanksgiving. I always start asking at the beginning of the month which family members will be spending the night (or nights) with us. 

She Said: Do you have a head count for Thanksgiving yet?

He Said: I think just the usual.

She Said: So that’s a no? You don’t have a firm count?

He Said: I’m pretty sure it’s just the usual people.

She Said: Again, I’m hearing that you don’t have a firm head count.

He Said: I’ll call. 

She Said: Great. And I need to know who is spending the night.

He Said: I don’t think anyone is staying here.

She Said: I’m going to need more than your opinion. I need a firm head count for dinner and a firm head count for overnight guests.

He Said: Is it really that important to know ahead of time?

She Said: Are you joking? I need to know how many bedrooms I need to deep clean and replace bedding.

He Said: And you can’t do that day of?

She Said: I can’t do that day of……..what did you say?

He Said: I just meant…

She Said: Stop talking. Do it day of. Are you out of your mind? Do you know how much work goes into hosting Thanksgiving? Do you have any idea? Do you know how much I have to do?

He Said: I…

She Said: Stop talking. One more word and I swear I’ll stuff you like a turkey.

The End.


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