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Halloween 2017 Recap

It seems impossible to me that Halloween is already over! This year is just flying by and I’m not prepared! We had a great Halloween this year. It was a fun week of festivities for the kids with spirit week at school, Character Day for the little kids, and they got the day off of school yesterday. That’s like the trifecta of happiness. Ha!


The lower school does Character Day instead of Halloween which I love. It’s a whole day of fun. They spend a few days prior to Character Day decorating a pumpkin or scarecrow according to a classroom book chosen by the teacher. Zoey’s class did A Bad Case of Stripes and Mason’s class did Three Little Pigs. They loved it and they really love seeing their display out in the front of the school every day! For Character Day they got to dress up according to one of their favorite books and parade around the entire campus getting high fives from the middle and upper school students. Mason chose to be the ninja from Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja and Zoey chose to be Pete from the Pete the Cat series. 


The upper school students were allowed to dress up within reason according to a specific decade assigned by grade. The juniors were supposed to dress up as young 20’s. Tyler is rocking the Frat Boy Morning After look. Ha! He had a baseball cap that he put on backwards as well. I’m getting a pretty clear picture of what he’s going to look like in a couple of years. I’m scared. 

IMG_4246 (1)


A friend who is a teacher at the school got these great pictures of Zoey for me during and after the parade. So cute! She wasn’t able to get one of Mason because he was running along with friends. Of course. I love love love having friends who teach at the school. I get all kinds of pictures that I wouldn’t get otherwise. 


We had a full crowd come trick or treating with us. Tyler declined to participate, choosing instead to hit several parties with his friends and football teammates. He was cleared by his medical team to go as long as there were no strobe lights, no black lights, and he wasn’t the one driving people around after dark. He was so happy to get back to some semblance of a social life. Maia had one of her best friends come spend the night, Mason’s good friend came with us, and Zoey’s best friend came too. I made Chocolate Chip Sheet Pancakes topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and bacon on the side for dinner. It was delicious! This is just a small portion of our trick or treating gang! We were about 18 people strong out trolling the neighborhood for candy. 







It was such a fun night. After everyone who wasn’t spending the night had left we watched Annabelle Creation and The Mummy with the big kids while they ate most of their candy and enjoyed Brownie sundaes and popcorn. Maia and her friend even took a midnight dip in the hot tub. They all collapsed in bed around 2am and didn’t move until around 11am, looking like zombies. Ha! 


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