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Weekly Book Club {9.13.17}


I read 2 books in the last week- one I loved and one that was pretty good. I recently went through my Kindle collections and sorted them again- pulling books that I really really want to read and adding them to a TBR Top 20 list so they don’t get lost. I have 6 e-books from the library that need to be read and 10 books from my Kindle Unlimited subscription that need to be read. It makes my heart happy to have so many books waiting to be read. 


Wrecked by Cynthia Eden– LOST Agent Ana Young was only fourteen when she was abducted by a madman, but unlike many kidnapping victims, she did go home. Now, her mission is to find the missing. But her new case has her on the hunt for the escaped convict who’s obsessed with her. And Ana has an unlikely partner—the sexy, supposedly-by-the-book FBI agent she had one amazing night with and had to forget. FBI Special Agent Cash Knox knows that Ana, the petite, tough-ass former bounty hunter, can get the job done again. But this time, someone else leads them to “Bernie-the-Butcher,” someone who’s been watching Ana. Waiting for her. Now, catching a deranged murderer means Ana must trust her guarded heart to the gorgeous, complicated G-man she wasn’t supposed to fall for.

My Rating: 5 Stars

I loved this book! It’s part of the LOST series. This is book 6 in the series. I’ve read book 1 and I own a couple of the other books but haven’t read them yet. I snagged this one from the library before I realized it was part of the series. I went ahead and read it anyway even though it was out of order. I followed the story just fine with no missing info so I’ll go back and read the rest of the books I’ve missed soon. This book had romance, suspense, action, a bad-ass heroine, and a hot alpha male. That’s my perfect book recipe, y’all. I’m a sucker for that stuff. 


Until You Loved Me by Brenda Novak– After catching her fiancé cheating—with another man–usually straight-laced, workaholic scientist Ellie Fisher liberates her wild side just long enough to indulge in a passionate one-night-stand with a tall, dark stranger she meets at a trendy Miami bar. Embarrassed by her recklessness, she ducks out the following morning without learning the guy’s full name, something that shouldn’t have been a problem…until a pregnancy test turns positive. Being a professional football player, Hudson King has always been cautious around women. But this one had been different—so disinterested in his celebrity, so convincingly into him. When Ellie tracks him down, claiming she’s carrying his baby, he’s stunned. And more than a little betrayed. But after growing up as an orphan, he’ll do anything to stay involved in his child’s life, so he urges Ellie to move to Silver Springs where they can co-parent. Hudson has a lot of love to give—certainly enough for his child, and when their initial spark reignites, perhaps for Ellie too.

My Rating: 4 Stars

I enjoyed this book, I read it quickly, and it was well written. So why not 5 stars? I don’t know exactly. I didn’t feel as connected to the characters as I wanted to. The author did a good job of telling me their emotions but I didn’t feel them. I didn’t feel the anger or the confusion or the pain, I only read about it. And I felt like the story was wrapped up in a nice little bow way too quickly. The ending was rushed and too convenient to be realistic. But that being said, I’m a sucker for an unexpected pregnancy story and I did enjoy this one. 


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  • Emily Janz

    I really like Brenda Novak normally. But this one didn’t do it for me either. It was good – but not as good as the other books in this series or any of her other ones.