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Life Lately {9.25.17}


One of my favorite things about having my kids in charter school is getting pictures texted to me from friends who were up at the school. Three times last week I had pictures sent to me of both Mason and Zoey. Mason had STEM class and one of the class volunteers sent these out. Then another friend sent me this hilarious picture of Zoey during Garden Day. The girls were standing at the pen holding the pig and apparently the piggie was stinky. Ha!




Maia has been having some problems lately adjusting to her new school. It’s really hard to switch schools in 7th grade without knowing a single person in middle school. Add that with being the only new girl in the entire 7th grade. Add the new braces. Add the increased educational demands of this school. And you get a 12 year old who is a hot mess. She’s been stressing herself out to the point that she’s getting migraine headaches several times a week. I took her to see our family physician who, after speaking with her for almost an hour, decided that she could benefit from a couple of different things. We started her on a low dose of an anti-anxiety medication, she now has an abortive migraine medication, and she will be starting therapy next week to help her learn to manage her stress and anxiety. Being a mom is hard. Especially when you know that anxiety runs rampant through your side of the family. 

IMG_3742 (1)

Last week Target had their 40% Halloween costume cartwheel sale so we made what was supposed to be a quick trip there after school. It turned into a “try on every large animal head” trip. Mason and Zoey really liked the unicorn and Zoey was very disappointed that it didn’t come home with us. Mason was the only one who needed a new costume this year and he chose the ninja one with nunchucks. It ended up being $15 total! Now that’s a Halloween costume I can support. Zoey is going to wear one of Maia’s old ones and Maia is probably going to a party this year. My babies are growing up and going to parties now. Insert sad face here. 




Mason did his first school project at his new charter school. It was a timeline project where he had to include a image and description of an event from every year of his life. And I saw the difference between public and charter school immediately in the instructions. The instructions were sensitive to foster and adopted children- they wanted an event that happened during each year the child has been alive NOT necessarily an event from their own life! Talk about a small difference than means the world to kids who don’t want to be different! I love this school!

IMG_3741 (1)

A picture of the saddest boy in the world on Thursday night when he got the news from his coach and trainer that he was not cleared to travel with the team for the Friday night away game. So sad. Tragic. Sad panda. 


But just because Tyler wasn’t allowed to go to the game didn’t mean I got to stay home. No rest for the team mom. So I was front and center for a game that we lost badly. The best part of the night was seeing the penis hats on the band. Seriously. Those plumes are fantastically phallic. Clearly I have the maturity level of a 12 year old boy. 


Tyler had been free of concussion symptoms since Wednesday so he was allowed to go hang out with a few of his friends on Saturday afternoon after he did most of his make up assignments for school. This is the picture that was texted to me of him and his “friend, not girlfriend”. You just have to laugh. 



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  • Denise Fouts Key

    It’s awesome you’re being so proactive with Maia. Too often kids her age are left to sink or swim and I think that sets them up for major problems as teens and young adults.

    I bought my 6 yo a Spiderman costume when Spirit of Hollywood opened up a couple of weeks ago. We went in again this week to check out the new displays and he spent his own money on a Master Chief helmet and gloves. Between those and his playtime costumes, who knows what he’s going to be on Halloween.