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The Pain Of School Year Re-Entry

We are one week and one day into the new school year. We started out well. We started out excited and ready and all bright and shiny. 

IMG_2612 (1)

That rapidly declined into something out of a horror movie. 


I’ve decided that there is no pain like the pain involved in school year re-entry. It’s borderline tragic and I might not make it. If I don’t, thanks for reading along on this little blog. You’ve been great. 

1. Bedtimes. During the summer we pretty much participate in free range parenting. I don’t enforce bedtimes or drag the kids out of bed early in the morning. That’s part of what makes summer great but it also makes school year re-entry torturous. 

2. Alarm Clocks. I hate alarm clocks. I had to disable my snooze on my phone so I wouldn’t be tempted to hit it 27 times every morning. 

3. School lunches. Last year I packed 2 lunches every day. This year I’m packing 4. It sucks. 

4. Bus stops. The first week of school means that the bus is late. It’s just how it works and we all know to expect it. But it sucks. 

5. School supplies. Holy cow, I practically needed a second mortgage just to buy school supplies this year. Over $320 for 3 kids. Not including tech fees, sports fees, bus fees….all the fees. 

6. Homework. Oh the horror of homework. Granted they have way less than they did at their old school but any homework is considered a torture device by my children. 

7. School paperwork. I lost count of how many papers I filled out for each child. 4 times the paperwork. With almost identical information. 

8. Laundry. During the summer my kids lived in pajamas and swim suits. I did very few loads of laundry. I’ve done 4 loads in the last week. And the dryer is broken. I feel like Satan is laughing at me right now. 

9. School uniforms. I like the concept of uniforms. I really dislike paying for them. Especially when I bought them all back in June and a certain child, Zoey, had a massive growth spurt and needed all new ones. Awesome. 

10. Shower battles. Again, during summer I didn’t fight this battle. They swam every day and played in the hot tub nearly every evening. I figure the chlorine and other chemicals got them pretty clean. Now we’re back to nightly showers and it’s sucking out my soul. 


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  • Jessica

    I was so happy when our district switched to online registration that snaps basic information–address, phone numbers, etc–between forms. It doesn’t get all repeated information, but I’d much rather type the same thing three times than fill out forms in a busy cafeteria then stand in line for an hour.

    Bus stops suck (our buses have been almost an hour late a few times), but aren’t they better than car drop off and pick up? None of my kids ride the bus this year, and they won’t next year either. I miss it.

  • Sara Torabi

    School paperwork tips

    From when my three were little: Fill out all the generic “same” info on one form, make copies of that, then add in the individualized stuff.

    Now that my kids are 13, 15, 18: I tell them “Don’t bring it to me until you’ve filled in every single piece of info you know.” They can handle name, address, birthday, SSN, parent contact info, etc. I usually just add in the insurance card info and signing my name.