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A Day In Our Life: Summer 2017

We are only 8 days away from the school year and I’m so not ready. So Not Ready. Hold me. This summer has been awesome and I don’t want it to end. I figured I should at least document a typical day before we go back to school next week. 

6:30am- My alarm goes off. I went almost the entire month of July without needing to set an alarm in the mornings. It was glorious. My body is protesting the return of the alarm. Throw my hair in a messy bun and take the fastest shower possible. Search for a shirt to wear and realize that laundry needs to happen immediately. 


6:50am- Make sure Tyler is awake and moving for football practice. Make him a protein shake and force him to eat a banana. Feed the puppies and let them outside. Throw a load of laundry in the washer. Empty the dishwasher. Make a cup of coffee and stare at my planner to see what my day is going to look like. Spoiler alert: Busy.

7:20am- Remind Tyler to grab his helmet and shoulder pads as he’s on the way out the door. Then chase him outside to spray him with SPF 5000 sport sunscreen while he tries to dodge me. He’s a redhead. He burns. His dermatologist is not amused. Let the puppies back inside. Return some emails, write some emails, make a bazillion to do lists. 


7:45am- Wake up Zoey and Maia. Strongly encourage Zoey to get dressed while she tries to climb back under the covers. Finally drag her out by her feet and stuff her into her clothes while she stares at me bleary eyed and confused. Feed her a quick breakfast and try to comb out all the knots in her hair.

8:00am- Zoey’s best friend (and mommy) arrive to pick her up for a playdate. We’ve been trading off play dates this summer so we can each get some things done without dragging a cranky 6 year old around with us. It takes a village, y’all. Text Maia to make sure she’s about ready to leave. Yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds. Make a second cup of coffee in my to go mug. Toss the laundry in the dryer and start a second load. Give Bailey food and water. 


8:15am- Leave with Maia for her orthodontist appointment. She’s in the process of getting her braces put on so it’s a whole lot of appointments for the next few weeks. We got 4 opinions on what she needed and I’m really happy with the orthodontist we chose. The office is amazing, the staff is friendly, and the orthodontist himself is really young and cool. Perfect for a 12 year old who’s going to need braces for 3 years. Ouch. 

8:30am- Settle in to wait for Maia. Return some more emails. Start coordinating the volunteers for the Varsity Football scrimmage. I took over Team Mom responsibilities this year and it’s a whole lot of work. Thankfully 2 other moms stepped up to help me but their guys are new to the team so I’m the only returning mom. The amount of emails I get every day is insane. 


9:30am- Maia is done so we head home with a quick stop at Starbucks for a frappuccino.  Her mouth is killing her so a Frapp and Advil are our after orthodontist tradition now. I just keep reminding her that it will all be worth it when her teeth are straight…in 3 years. 


9:45am- Swing past and pick up Mason at his friend’s house where he spent the night and drop both kids off at home. Head to run some errands. I had to pick up a book at the library, meet a couple of parents to buy uniform pieces, pick up ice cream cups for after football practice, and drop off some dry cleaning. 


11:00am- Pick up Zoey and hit the Chick-fil-a drive thru to grab lunch on the way home. Tyler is home from practice number 1 and in the shower so I spray his helmet and shoulder pads with Heavy Duty Lysol. Let the puppies outside. Dish up lunch to the hungry savages…I mean, kids. Fold laundry in the dryer and transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. 

11:30am- Go over the rules with Maia about babysitting while I’m gone. Let the puppies inside. Remind Tyler to throw his pads and helmet in his trunk and we drive separately to his physical therapy appointment. He normally goes by himself but he’s seeing the Sports Med doc today as well so I need to be there. 


12:00pm- Listen to PT and Sports Med Dr talk about his progress and what he needs to do. He’s rehabbed his knee a lot this summer and it’s definitely getting better but it’s not 100% yet. We spent some time discussing what type of knee brace he’s going to need for the season while he does his PT. 


1:00pm- He leaves to go straight to afternoon practice and I go grab some groceries at ALDI and do my Walmart pick up. Return more emails and texts while I’m waiting for my Walmart order. 


1:30pm- Arrive home. Unload all the groceries and put them away. Assign the kids some chores to do because holy cow, this house is a Level 5 disaster zone at this point. Fold dry laundry and put all of it away. Start sorting through uniform pieces to see what’s going to work this year and what I need to sell. 

2:30pm- Pack up the ice cream cups in a cooler bag and gather my Team Mom stuff. Load the kids and all the stuff in the car and head up to the football field. 


3:10pm- The kids watch varsity practice while I have a short team mom meeting. Our first scrimmage is this week and there’s so much left to do! Coordinating all of the volunteers, the team meal, the Gatorade, answering all the questions from parents, getting the team roster finalized to print…it’s a lot. But worth it. 

4:00pm- Practice ends and we dish up the ice cream to 35 very tired football players and 3 very tired football coaches. I talk with the head coach about some team mom stuff while the kids eat ice cream with the players before we leave for home. 


5:00pm- Get home and feed the puppies, change into swim suits, grab the swim bag, and head to the neighborhood pool. Chat with the other moms and read a few chapters in my book while the kids swim with friends. 

5:45pm- Matt shows up at the pool with pizzas for dinner. I don’t even have to tell the kids to get out of the pool. The smell of food is enough to lure them out. Text Tyler to let him know we have pizza at the pool. Consume 2 large pizzas in a very short amount of time. Tyler shows up to grab some pizza and then leaves for a going away party for a good friend. Matt and I chat while the kids keep swimming. 

7:00pm- Pack up and go home with 3 wet and sleepy kids. Throw Tyler’s football gear in the washer and start the load. Let the puppies outside. Return some more emails and texts. Maia’s friend arrives for a sleepover and they start a movie in the living room while I make popcorn. 

7:30pm- Vacuum the downstairs, clean up the kitchen, and work on a school supply list because holy cow, school starts in 8 days. And we have nary a notebook in this house. Let the puppies back inside. 


8:00pm- Hop in the hot tub with Matt and a glass of wine while the kids watch their movie. It’s so nice to just sit and relax with the bubbles at night when it’s only 90 degrees outside. Sigh. Debate with Matt about what we’re going to do for the impending solar eclipse. We can’t decide if we’re going to travel to see it in 100% totality or if we’re going to watch it from school. It’s an ongoing debate. 

9:15pm- Reluctantly pull ourselves from the hot tub so we can herd the little kids up to bed. Throw Tyler’s football gear in the dryer. Watch a couple of episodes of our favorite summer shows off the DVR while enjoying more wine. Return more emails and texts. It never ends. 


10:45pm- Tyler arrives home and chats with us for awhile about the party and football and stuff. He actually talks to us now. It’s like some weird parallel universe. 

11:30pm- Tyler is off to bed. I herd Maia and her friend upstairs to her room. Tuck the little kids in. Matt and I head up to bed. He watches an episode of Games of Thrones on his iPad and I read a book on mine for awhile. 

12:15am- Matt falls asleep with his iPad on his face. I take a picture and then move it. Priorities. Knock on Maia’s door and tell the girls to keep it down. All I hear is giggles and shrieks. I read for awhile longer. 

1:30am- Finally finish my book and try to fall asleep. Insomnia sucks. 

So that’s a pretty typical day in the summer. Some days we don’t leave the house. Some days we spend hours at the pool. Every day is a good day in the summer, y’all!


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