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New York Trip Day 2: Buffalo Zoo

So we left off the last post on Friday night when we arrived at Matt’s aunt’s house. There wasn’t a lot of sleeping that night between all the beer drinking and catching up we were doing with relatives. Matt’s older brother was already there with his wife and 5 year old son and we hadn’t seen them in over a year. When we finally did crash into bed it was near 3am and we were all crammed into the living room between a pull out sofa and a pallet bed on the floor. So believe me, when I say there wasn’t a lot of sleep happening. And everyone was awake bright and early the next morning. We had all day on Saturday to do what we wanted until our hotel check in time at 4pm. We decided to take the kids to the Buffalo Zoo since it was only in the mid-70’s up in Buffalo instead of the high 90’s that we are used to at this time of year. 



The kids were so excited to get to explore and run around a bit after being stuck in a car for 12 hours the day before. Well, Tyler was less excited than the little kids but he survived. ha! 




We got to see a lot of animals but a few were not out including the hyenas, the polar bear, and the panda. Mason was disappointed not to see any wolves but there were enough animals to keep him happy. 



These 2 are exactly one year and 5 days apart in age and they were thick as thieves during this trip. Zoey is usually the youngest one with nobody near her age so this was nice for her. They held hands and played together the whole day.





My sister-in-law and I found a great informational poster that proves that females are indeed in charge in all species. ha! The menfolk were not impressed. But they also didn’t disagree. 




By the time we walked through the whole zoo, with Tyler acting as our guide with the map, the little kids were tired and a bit bored. Two seconds after Zoey whined about her sore feet and hitched a piggyback ride from Matt, we saw a playground and all of a sudden she was full of energy again. Amazing how that works.




We let the little kids play for awhile, they were the only ones short enough to play on this playground and that rule was enforced by a guy walking around with a ruler stick. By this time it was near 4:00 so we headed back to Matt’s aunt’s house to pack up our stuff so we could check into our hotel. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in downtown Buffalo, only about a 10 minute drive from his aunt’s house, and it was super nice! His brother had rooms at the Westin, which is where we were going to stay until we realized that it didn’t have a pool. 



IMG_1762 (1)


We got checked in and settled in our room rather quickly and just hung around until Matt’s brother and family got there to come swim with us at our hotel pool. It was really nice with a huge hot tub that we all enjoyed. 





We had about an hour to swim before we had to get ready to head back to the aunt’s house for dinner. The only thing we found out about staying in a downtown hotel is that you must do the valet parking. It’s not optional because parking is so hard to find and so expensive when you do find it. So we did a lot of sitting in the lobby waiting for our car.




Matt’s aunt and uncle did a huge cookout that night with SO MUCH FOOD! Seriously. There was fried fish, hot dogs, italian sausages, NY strip steaks…just so much deliciousness. We stuffed ourselves full! 



The kids got to hang out and enjoy cupcakes and running around in the garden. And Maia looks WAY too old in that picture. No. How is that possible?

Day 2 was super fun and busy and we slept like babies that night! I think all of us were crashed by 11pm. ha! And that was a good thing because day 3 was so very busy!


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