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He Said, She Said: Women Who Kill


Setting the Scene: It’s well established that I love crime shows, right? And I really love shows such as Snapped, Wives with Knives, and Women Who Kill. The following conversation took place while Matt and I were watching a preview for the new Women Who Kill.

He Said: She doesn’t look all that scary.

She Said: Nope. Not really. I’d be her cellmate.

He Said: Why? What’s she in for?

She Said: Attempted murder.

He Said: And you want to be her cellmate?

She Said: Sure. 

He Said: I don’t know about that. She’s not scary but she doesn’t look friendly.

She Said: She looks like a quitter.

He Said: What?

She Said: She’s a quitter. She’s only in there for attempted murder.

He Said: It’s scary how your brain works.

She Said: I guarantee I’d have finished the job.

He Said: Yeah that’s not any more comforting.

The End.


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