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Life Lately {May 2017}


I missed last week’s Five Things Friday because I was so busy getting ready for our Memorial Day picnic so I figured the easiest thing to do was just make one big recap post. We had a lot going on in the last week or so!


Tyler had his last exam on Monday of last week and he was DONE with his 10th grade year. He’s had a great year and has really thrived in the charter school system. I’ll have a whole post soon about our first year in charter school. 


Zoey decided at the last minute last weekend that she wanted a hair cut so I chopped off about 6″ of hair. She had a lot of dead ends and tangles so it was definitely time for a cut. I’ll miss being able to braid her hair but she’s happy so that’s what matters. I don’t like that she looks older all of a sudden. No. 




We finally finished our back deck redo. We assembled our conversation set and our dining set and our new hot tub cover finally arrived. It’s made such a difference on our back deck. Everyone wants to be out there now! I’ll share more pictures soon. I added some potted plants and hanging baskets and I’ve kept them alive for a whole week so I’m feeling pretty confident now. Ha!




Tyler had a bunch of appointments this last week. First up was the dermatologist. He’s starting month 5 on Accutane and seeing results finally. He’s a big guy and guys with that much muscle mass take longer to respond to the medication apparently. He has another month left (6 months total) and we’re hopeful that he’ll be pleased with the end result. Then he had to see the sports medicine doctor about his knee. Long story short- he took a bad helmet hit to his kneecap last season and pretty much limped his way through the rest of the season. It’s been really bothering him lately and the trainer finally told him to go see the sports med doc. We saw the same doctor that Tyler saw for his concussion and he’s fantastic. Tyler has Chondromalacia- which basically means his kneecap slides out of place when he bends his leg in any way. The cartilage under his kneecap is damaged and his MCL is loose from overcompensating for his kneecap. So he starts rehab therapy next week and we’re hopeful he’ll have a full recovery. He’s worried about being 100% for the season but with a knee sleeve and kinesio tape he should be able to play.


My parents came down to celebrate Memorial Day with us and my sister and her family came to join us. It was such a fun day. We had our picnic on Saturday because we had plans to attend our neighborhood cookout on Monday. The kids had a great time in the hot tub and the adults got to enjoy the deck and all the good food. 




We had a really laid back Sunday. We spent a few hours at the pool then chilled in the hot tub and finally grilled dinner out on the deck. It was perfect. We were outside for pretty much the entire day and everyone was happy. It really made me excited for summer vacation!









Our neighborhood hosted the annual Memorial Day picnic at the pool on Monday and it was amazing as always. It was so nice to see friends from the neighborhood that we hadn’t seen since last summer. In our neighborhood most of the kids attend different charter schools or are homeschooled so we don’t always see them during the school year. My kids have school friends and neighborhood friends, it’s weird but it works. I have pictures of most of these kids going back 10+ years so it’s been fun to watch them grow up together. The neighborhood did a pot luck so there was tons of food and drinks, great music, and lots of laughter. I love our ‘hood. We made a definite decision recently that we don’t want to move. We really love our neighborhood and our neighbors. We just can’t see leaving here. Anyway- Memorial Day was a blast and we spent more than 6 hours at the pool partying with friends. It was a rough re-entry into the real world on Tuesday morning, let me tell you. It was ugly. But we’re almost at the finish line. This Friday is Maia’s last day and next Friday is the little kids last day. Bring on Summer!


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