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5 Things Friday {4.14.17}


We’ve had a seriously busy few weeks at our house. Time is just slipping past me and there are not enough hours in my day anymore. I miss writing here more often but 3 posts a week is about all I can do right now. So what’s been going on? 


Poor Tyler has a serious staph infection with cellulitis on his inner thigh. It started as a cluster of cystic acne and got infected when the acne popped during weight training. He’s been on antibiotics for almost a week and it looks much better now. But it was scary bad. And being a man-baby all he told me was that he had a painful acne spot on his thigh. He said nothing about it being huge, red, swollen, hot to the touch, and oozing. Seriously kid? That is important information.


Mason and Zoey are on Spring Break this week and the weather has been beautiful and amazing. We’ve spent hours at the park and playing in the yard. They’ve blown bubbles, made sidewalk chalk drawings, played basketball, run around with friends, had picnics a the park…as much as I’ve complained about having 3 different spring break’s this year it has been nice to have some time with the little kids.


Tyler’s had quite a week. During wrestling with the football team he got popped in the nose. It bled and bled and bled. We thought it might be broken but waited to see if it was going to swell up. The next day at school it got worse and the bruise turned dark, both eyes got black underneath, and it kept bleeding. Luckily one of his good girl friends was nice enough to give him a tampon which he cut in half and shoved up his nose to stop the bleeding. This kid. Only my son would not think twice about walking around school with tampons shoved up his broken nose. 


I am so tired of the paper clutter in this house. So I created my own little command center in the kitchen. It’s tucked in the little niche beside the fridge so it’s not visible unless you’re standing right in front of it. My life is so much easier now. Everything has a place and I know where to find the stuff I need quickly. Organization is my mecca. 


We bought Tyler a car last night! Matt found a 2015 Toyota Corolla sport with only 800 miles on it for a steal! It’s a nice car, a really nice car. We kept it a secret and surprised him at the dealership. He is one happy teenager right now. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends!


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