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3 Things Thursday {3.9.17}

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This little sassy girl of mine is such a pistol. She’s dressed up for Book Character Day at school and chose to go as Pete the Cat. She’s a huge fan of those books and she got to wear her Halloween costume again so it was a total win for me. Let me tell you what she did one night last week. She asked me for $1 to buy ice cream at school (Kindergarten is allowed only on Fridays) and I told her she had to use her own money. Well she spent her money on something stupid so she got mad and stomped up to bed. An hour later she stomped back downstairs and flung her tooth at me. The tooth had been loose but not THAT loose, if you know what I mean. She yanked that sucker out anyway! With hands on her hip she declared “that tooth fairy better deliver cause I’m getting ice cream tomorrow”. Then she stomped back up to bed. The tooth fairy did indeed deliver. She was too afraid not to. Haha!



I’ve made so much progress on my 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge! I started in Zoey’s room. I filled up 2 big bags, 2 big boxes, and 2 big tubs to donate. I filled 3 bags with trash. I filled 1 bag going to a family friend with a daughter who is 2 years younger than Zoey, 1 bag of toys going to another friend’s little girl, and then I pulled a big bag of toys out of Mason’s room for our nephew. That was 12 bags and boxes gone! And we got rid of it the same day instead of letting it linger in the house for weeks. 


Then we moved into the garage. Oh the garage. My nemesis. I cannot stand how messy and cluttered our garage has become. The goal for Saturday was to move Tyler’s weight bench into the garage to free up some space in his room. We hauled a total of 12 bags of donate/trash out of the garage in addition to a big cabinet going to the trash. It feels SO good! Next up is the master bedroom!



Tyler’s charter school had the Spring used uniform sale this week and I cleaned up. I was so good. I made a list of every item I need for Zoey and Mason for Fall and Winter uniforms plus the stuff I need to replace for Tyler. I shopped strictly from my list and did great. I spent $100 and came home with 20 items. Zoey is pretty much done- 4 short sleeve uniform polos, a short sleeve polo dress, 3 pairs of shorts, a skirt, 3 long sleeve polo shirts, 2 hoodies, a long sleeve polo dress, 2 pairs of pants, and a cardigan! Boom. She just needs a couple more pairs of pants that I’ll get when they go on sale. Mason has 2 short sleeve polos, 2 long sleeve polos, 2 hoodies, a hoodie jacket, 4 pairs of shorts, and his 3pc PE set. He needs a bit more but not much. Having them in uniforms is going to be amazing for my budget!



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