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3 Things Thursday {3.2.17}

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Last week was rough. Thursday morning started bad and only got worse. Maia called me from school to say she was throwing up. I was on my way to pick her up when Tyler texted me telling me he was really really sick and needed to leave. He went to school not feeling good because he had a English test, a math test, and a Chemistry lab that day. But he couldn’t make it the whole day. And so it began…



Mason wasn’t feeling good by Friday night but he was adamant that he was going to play in his basketball championship game. Since he didn’t have a fever we left it up to him to make the decision. It was a rough game. Mason and 2 other boys were sick and then one of our best shooters injured his ankle in the first half and had to sit out. The boys played so hard and gave it their best but they came up just a little bit short. I was extremely proud of them for pushing through and trying their hardest. 


Sunday afternoon they had their end of season party at a restaurant. Mason still was sick but no fever so we went. It was fun- I really enjoy this year’s group of parents. Nobody is obnoxious or pushy, they all just genuinely enjoy watching the kids play. The coach pulled me aside after the party and asked if Mason would want to join their Nike Select team in the Fall. Even though Mason is not big on offense, he is a beast on defense and the coach wants more time to work with him and develop those skills. Mason is stoked!



And then Sunday night came. And Mason spiked a fever of 104. Awesome. I kept him home on Monday and it took work to keep his fever down under 101. When the fever was still requiring a Tylenol/Advil rotation every 3-4 hours to keep it in check I went ahead and took him to urgent care. I wanted to get him a flu test but they were out. How? I don’t understand. It’s flu season, shouldn’t you keep enough in stock? Anyway, the doctor said he was 100% sure Mason has the flu and didn’t need the test anyway. Poor kid. He’s miserable. He’s home for the rest of the week and I’m sanitizing every surface of our house in the hopes that the rest of us don’t get it too. 



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