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3 Things Thursday {3.16.17}

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I finally got a few house projects done this last week including hanging these amazing botanical prints on the stairway wall. They’ve literally been sitting in the shipping box for months waiting for me to get around to hanging them. I love them so much more now that I have them in place. They are the perfect compliment to the room. I can’t wait to show you the whole room with all the changes.



Zoey lost yet another tooth this last week. Ironically she lost it on a Friday just like last time. She even asked for an advance on her tooth fairy money so she could buy ice cream at school. I’m starting to get suspicious of her losing teeth only on Friday’s. Ha! I did give her the advance and she did buy ice cream. All is right in her world.



We actually got snow on Sunday. Snow. In mid-March. What is going on? The weather is insane. The kids were wearing shorts and playing outside in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon and then we woke up to a few inches of snow on Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon it was completely melted and gone as if it never even happened. I’m so confused. But that’s the kind of snow I love. Pretty to look at, gone in a few hours. 



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