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12 Thoughts While Watching House Hunters

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One of my most favorite shows to watch is House Hunters. I’ve seen pretty much every episode ever made. I love watching these people tour houses and seeing all the different styles of houses in different parts of the country. Not to mention, seeing what you can buy in different cities for the same amount of money. However. Some of these people….wow. There are some episodes that I can’t even enjoy because the home buyers are so annoying! I watched one such episode last week. I decided to jot down some of my thoughts while watching this particular episode.

1. Did she just say that she’s a stay home pet parent? Really? Is that even a thing? She did. She said being a stay home pet parent is her job. 

2. He’s a child psychiatrist. Well that explains why he talks to her like she’s 5. 

3. Dude. That’s not called romancing. That’s called stalking. Following a woman around until she agrees to date you is called stalking. Who are these people?

4. Did he really just use air quotes? What a pretentious douche.

5. She wants a screened in porch. For her cat. FOR HER CAT. So he can have outdoor time. A CAT.

6. How many times can they possibly say Bangor? I’ve counted 14 times in the first 8 minutes of the show. You want to live in Bangor. We get it.

7. What is wrong with her eyes? She’s having a panic attack with her eyes. Holy crap, lady. Blink. Just blink.

8. Well they asked for character. What did they think character meant? 

9. Seriously. A screened in porch for the cat. She just won’t shut up about that stupid screened in porch for a cat.

10. OH MY WORD. Shut up about the stupid cat already. 

11. Why say yes that you’d like to do a renovation when clearly you do not want to do a renovation? Just say no. And since when did paint become a renovation? That’s stupid.

12. Dear Sweet Baby Jesus. She has that poor cat on a leash. Run kitty, run!

Y’all. I had to edit my thoughts because I’m trying to keep in PG-13 around here. These people were so dang annoying. A stay home pet parent? Really? This is what is wrong with our country. Clearly. 


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