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3 Things Thursday {2.9.17}

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Last week we went to family reading night at the little kids’ elementary school. I just love their teachers so much. Zoey is a little behind but she’s getting there. Mason is doing amazing. He had such a hard start with reading. He had the speech delay and it affected his reading. He was far below grade level in reading for all of Kindergarten and First Grade, and then below grade level for the first semester of 2nd grade. Then he was proficient but just barely. In January, he tested well above grade level! I couldn’t believe it. He is the 2nd highest reader in his class and in the Top 5 in all of 3rd grade. I’m amazed at how much work his teacher has put in with him because let’s be honest, that didn’t happen at home. We read but there is a shortage of time so he does a lot of his intensive reading at school. 



We are down to the last few weeks of basketball. What’s that sound? Angels singing. I’m so tired. Tyler has his last regular season game tomorrow night and then the playoffs. Mason has his last regular season game on Saturday and then the playoffs. I’m ready. This has been a long long season. Football season is long but basketball season is a brutal grind. 2-3 games a week plus practices every other day including Saturday…it’s long. Tyler had a great game on Tuesday- he got several blocks and some nice assists before fouling out. Mason had a really good game on Saturday- he also had some blocks, several steals, and a bunch of rebounds. Still can’t get him to shoot the ball but he did bring it up the court a few times so progress. Ha!

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I made the most delicious S’mores Brownies for the Super Bowl on Sunday. SO GOOD! We had a house full of people and a whole lot of teenage boys so I had to have a lot of food. We ended up grabbing some of the take n’ bake pizzas from Sam’s Club for $5.99 each (they are soooo good), plus a whole lot of chicken wings, some amazing Philly Cheesesteak sliders, and these brownies. I think I gained 10 lbs. But it was so worth it. I’ll have the recipes for the sliders and the brownies up on the blog soon.



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