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3 Things Thursday {2.23.17}

marquee number - 3


Zoey got to have a sleepover this last weekend with her bestie. These girls met because of Tyler’s football and now they are inseparable. I’m so excited that they are going to get to go to school together next year. This was Zoey’s first sleepover at our house and she had a blast. They watched Secret Life of Pets, ate tons of popcorn, made milkshakes, and just had such a blast together. I love watching my kids find their tribe. 



Mason’s team won their first playoff quarterfinal game and moved on to the semifinals on Tuesday night. They played a team that was bigger, rougher, and more physical. They were also one of the only 2 teams that beat our team this season. So this victory was sweet! We move on to the championship game on Saturday morning!



Zoey had a big week. She finally lost one of her front teeth. This stubborn tooth has been hanging on for dear life by one thread for weeks but she wouldn’t let me pull it out. I even tried to bribe her with $5 to let me yank it out because it was literally crooked and sticking out making her look like a tiny hillbilly. It finally fell out while she was eating popcorn during her sleepover. Do you know how much fun the tooth fairy has on a Saturday night trying to retrieve a tiny tooth from under a pillow in the middle of a sleepover? She almost broke her neck. Tooth fairy deserves hazard pay.



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