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3 Things Thursday {2.16.17}

marquee number - 3


Tyler had his last regular season basketball game on Friday night and it was a great game with a huge win against a conference rival. Tyler had a great game, hit all his free throws, got several blocks, and had a bunch of rebounds. It was a good season and now they’re onto the playoffs!


Mason also had his last regular season game this week on Saturday. They destroyed their opponents and had a great showing. His team starts the playoffs this Saturday and they hope to go all the way to the championship game!



Tyler had his second dermatologist appointment since starting an Accutane based medication for his cystic acne. We sat down in the waiting room and not even a minute later my neighbor walks in and sits down. I’ve mentioned this neighbor before. She’s the gossip of the street. She’s super nice but you just have to watch what you say. I’m just waiting to hear what the word on the street is about why we were there. It should be interesting. I’m hoping for something fun- like flesh eating bacteria. 



Mason made the A/B Honor Roll for the second quarter. He missed the A Honor Roll by one point in one subject. He was bummed. But I’m really proud of him. He worked so hard. While we were at his award ceremony I got word that he and Zoey both got a spot at the same charter school where Tyler goes. Maia did not get a spot because there were no open spots for 7th grade, but she is number 1 on the wait list so fingers crossed she’ll get in. I have mixed feelings.  I absolutely adore the charter school. It’s amazing. And there’s just something so appealing about having all my kids on one campus (in different schools but on the same campus). But I really love the elementary school that all our kids have attended and I’m going to be sad to not have any kids there anymore. It’s just a hard transition even though I know it’s for the best. 



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