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5 Goals For Christmas Break


Am I the only one who makes goals for every school break that lasts longer than 3 days? I told a friend that I was working on making goals for Christmas break and she looked at me like I have 3 heads and none of them are speaking English. Now don’t get me wrong, I plan to do a whole lot of relaxing and movie watching but I have such limited time during the school year that I also need to get some things done. And I have to write them down or the next thing I know the kids will be going back to school and the only thing I would have accomplished in 2 weeks was to eat 5 pounds of fudge. Not that’s it not an admirable goal but I’d like my pants to fit in January. 

1. Clean out closets. This includes mine, Matt’s, and all the kids closets. The kids are getting some new clothes for Christmas and they’ve also been getting new stuff courtesy of Old Navy’s 60% off sales so it’s time to weed out the stuff they’ve outgrown or just don’t wear anymore. Same goes for my closet. It’s bad. I have stuff everywhere and half of it I know I don’t wear. 

2. Clean out bedrooms. I really should have done this before Christmas break but it’s just been too busy. The kids aren’t getting a ton of toys this year but I still want to weed out the stuff they don’t play with anymore to donate or pass on to friends and family. 

3. Clean out my car. Holy messy, Batman. Yesterday I realized that there is still football stuff in the trunk of my Honda Pilot. Which explains the smell. The whole car just needs to be vacuumed, dusted, polished, and washed. The windows in the front have toe prints on the inside. I cannot explain why. But it’s gross. 

4. Plan our vacations. I like to plan ahead and try to get cheap prices. Groupon usually has great deals on hotels after Christmas. First we need to decide where we are going and when. I’ve been waiting for Tyler’s summer football and basketball schedule to come out before I made reservations and they should be sent out this week. 

5. Clean the house. I always try to do a deep clean of the house when I put away the Christmas decor each year. It’s just so much easier to do it at the same time. And this house could definitely use a deep cleaning right now. I’m tempted to hire someone to do it for me. 

I think those are very doable goals. So we’ll see if they get done. Fingers crossed!

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