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3 Things Thursday {12.8.16}

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Tyler’s basketball teammates have taken to comparing him to Syndrome from The Incredibles because of his haircut. Pretty startling resemblance, don’t you think? He is thrilled. Obviously. I, on the other hand, am truly thrilled and take every opportunity to call him Syndrome. I’m a good mom. 



Mason had his first basketball game on Saturday. His team is really good this year and they won the game easily. Mason didn’t have any points but he had 4 steals and 9 rebounds. He’s a funny boy- he’d rather play defense than shoot the ball. 



I’ve been feeling pretty blech for a week now. I finally went to urgent care and I have pneumonia plus an autoimmune arthritis flare up. Basically I feel like death right now. And it’s one of the busiest weeks in December so there is no time for this mess. I spent this morning laying on the couch watching my favorite Christmas movie and drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire. I don’t feel any better tonight but I don’t feel worse so there’s that. 

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Hope you’re all having a great week. 

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