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A Day In Our Life {Fall 2016}

I started this post over a month ago but it’s been so busy that I kept forgetting to finish documenting a day and would have to start over. It’s been a season, y’all. A very busy season in life. But it’s a good one, too. So here’s a typical day in our week during the Fall. 


5:30am- Get up after hitting snooze at least 3 times. Make sure Tyler and Maia are awake, which they are not so I poke them until I see movement. The puppies are awake so I feed Abby and Chase while they run around like idiots trying to knock me down. 


6:00- Pack Tyler and Maia’s lunches. Seriously, I’m still packing lunch for an almost 16 year old. But honestly it’s more work to make him to it himself. Do Maia’s hair. My poor delusional daughter wanted a fishtail braid in the front leading into a bun. She’s adorable. I can do 3 hairstyles- ponytail, pigtails and regular braids. She chose ponytail. Check book bags and football bag. I learned my lesson already this season- if I don’t check the football bag I will be driving up to practice with cleats or pads or a helmet. Let Abby and Chase outside. Yell at them to stop barking. 

6:25- Matt is in the car waiting to take Tyler and Maia to school. Shove them out the door, throwing shoulder pads, helmet, football bag, book bag, lunch bag in the trunk while Tyler looks for his ear buds that he just had in his hand. Sigh. 


6:30- Throw in a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, and let Abby and Chase inside.

6:45- Hop on the treadmill & watch an episode of This Is Us. I had every intention of running hard but a slow jog is about all I could manage on this morning. My joints are killing me lately. I’m struggling with the repercussions of my choice to hold off on medications. Mornings like this make me second guess myself. 

7:35- Jump in the shower and get ready. And by get ready I mean throw on a pair of leggings, long tee, and hair in a still wet messy bun. Just keepin’ it real, folks. 

8:05- Wake up Mason and Zoey. Fix them breakfast while they get dressed. Poptarts and Frozen Waffles were the cuisine of choice today. Fill up Bailey’s food dish and let the dogs outside. Yell at them to stop barking. 


8:30- Check book bags. Sign all the stuff that requires signatures on a daily basis- reading logs, journals, agendas, homework folders…Herd little kids upstairs to brush teeth and get hair done. Zoey chose a ponytail. Pack their lunches. Let the dogs back inside. Spend 5 minutes shoving kids out the door into the car. 


8:50- Leave to take Zoey and Mason to school. Deal with the seventh circle of hell that is known as the car line. Consider homeschooling just to avoid the car line. Remember I hate math. Resist the urge to run the stupid parents off the side of the road. Barely. 


9:00- Arrive home and have a cup of coffee while watching House Hunters on the DVR. Yell at the television when the woman complains about every single paint color. It’s paint, people. Paint. 

9:25- Throw laundry in the dryer and start a second load in the washer. Wipe down the dining table and kitchen counters. Vacuum the first floor. Clean the dog nose prints and slobber off of my windows. Gross. 

10:15- Fold laundry and put it away. Transfer wet clothes to dryer. Return phone calls, make appointment for Tyler at the dermatologist, answer emails. Ignore the doorbell that rings three times. I saw the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the neighborhood earlier and I’m not taking any chances. 

10:45- Run to Aldi for fruit, milk and cheese. Spend $60 on stuff I don’t need. I have no willpower. 


11:25- Arrive at Walmart for my scheduled pick up order. Walmart order pick up is basically the best thing ever. 

11:45- Get home and put all the groceries away. Let the dogs outside. Yell at them to stop barking. Throw the ingredients for Chicken Pot Pie Soup into the crockpot. Realize I forgot to buy carrots. Root around in the second pantry until I find a can of mixed vegetables and improvise. 

12:00- Fold the clothes in the dryer and put them away. Sit down with a cup of tea and do some blog work while watching Teen Mom OG.

1:00- Remember to eat lunch- if you count 3 bites of cottage cheese, a slice of ham, and a handful of Teddy Grahams as a lunch. Which clearly I do at this point. Read the last few chapters in my current library book. Let dogs inside.


1:30- Run to the public library to pick up a few books I have on hold. Pay a $3 fine because library due dates are a suggestion for me at this point. Hit up Dunkin Donuts for a PSL on the way to sign Tyler’s Return to Play concussion forms at the sports medicine doctor’s office. Stop by the sporting goods store to buy a new pair of volleyball knee pads for Maia because her old ones have a hole. 

2:50- Grab my stuff and run out the door so I can make it to Maia’s Volleyball game on time. Remember to text our babysitter to make sure she is definitely getting the little kids off the bus at 4:30. Call Matt to remind him to bring cash to pay the babysitter when he gets home. Remind him to let the dogs outside. And to yell at them to stop barking. Also remind him to shred the chicken in the crockpot and to feed Zoey early because she has gymnastics. 

3:40- Arrive just in time to throw Maia’s new knee pads to her before the game starts. Hang with the other moms and watch our girls decimate the other team in 3 consecutive sets. No pictures are allowed to be posted publicly because Maia has forbidden it. I wish I could because I got some amazing action shots of her. But she’s almost 12 and she’s allowed to say no to pictures of herself being posted now. 


5:00- Maia and I run over to Tyler’s football practice to pick him up. Of course they’re not done yet so we sit in the parking lot and wait for them. The coach is clearly not happy about something because I can hear him yelling all the way in the car. Glad I’m not one of his players. 

5:20- Practice finally ends and 3 sweaty, stinky football players get in the car. Roll down the windows because GAG. Battle the traffic all the way home. Drop off 2 of Tyler’s teammates at their houses and head to our house. 

6:10- Finally arrive home. Remind Tyler and Maia to drop their stinky gear in the washing machine. Listen to Maia and Tyler fight over the shower and yell at them to take turns. Matt is stuck in traffic according to the text that my phone just delivered so I dig around my purse for cash to pay the babysitter and send her home. Shred the chicken in the crockpot and dish up quick bowls of soup for the kids. Help Zoey to put on her gymnastics leotard while she shoves food in her mouth. Listen to Maia complain that Tyler got the shower first. Remind her that he stinks worse than her after practice. Listen to her stomp off, unhappy with just about everything. Roll my eyes.


6:25- Grab Zoey’s gymnastics bag and race to gymnastics class. Call Maia from the car to let her know where I’m going, tell her to get a bowl of soup, remind her to feed the puppies, and ask her to pass the message on to Tyler. Call Matt, who is still in traffic, and ask him to make sure homework and chores get done before I got home. 

6:35- Race into gymnastics class only 5 minutes late. Collapse in the parents viewing section with the put together moms who stare at me with wide eyes and slight disdain. Amateurs. They only have 1 kid each. Read a few chapters in my book while watching Zoey on and off. She loves gymnastics so much. 

7:15- Gather up my little gymnast, apologize to the teacher for being late (she’s the mom of 4 so she totally gets it), and head back home. Zoey goes straight to the shower while I dish myself some dinner. Finish helping Mason with his vocabulary words, throw Zoey’s gymnastics leotard in with gross practice gear and start the washer, load the dishwasher, clean up the bare minimum in the kitchen, and check the little kids bookbags for important information. Let the dogs outside. Yell at them to stop barking. Force Mason to take a shower under duress. 


8:30- Toss the practice gear in the dryer, let the dogs back inside, get Zoey into pajamas and lay out clothes for the next day while Matt helps Maia and Mason with their math homework.

8:45- Tuck Mason and Zoey into bed with hugs and kisses and send Maia to the shower, finally. She’s still complaining that she had to wait for everyone else to be done. In all fairness, her showers take three times as long as everyone else’s showers. She does not appreciate that logic and I get an earful of tween angst and drama. Threaten to replace her shampoo with Nair if she doesn’t get a grip on herself and she disappears into the bathroom in a haze of self-righteous indignation.

9:00- Remind Tyler to plug in his laptop. Empty the kids’ lunch bags and wash the plastic containers. Wash all the water bottles. Toss all the lunch non-perishables into lunch bags for the morning. Bang on the door and tell Maia to hurry up in the shower. Fold the practice clothes and volleyball uniform and deliver to the appropriate child. Remind Tyler to plug in his laptop. 

9:15- Tuck Maia in bed with Abby. Lights out for the little kids. Start the dishwasher. Remind Tyler to plug in his laptop. Sit down finally with Matt to watch a couple of shows- tonight we watched Lethal Weapon and Designated Survivor. Open a bottle of wine- a big one. Drink it.

11:00- Lock up the house, set the alarm, plug in Tyler’s laptop (sigh), and head up to bed to watch the news in bed. 

11:10- Matt is snoring already while I watch the news. Get bored but I’m not tired yet so I read a few chapters in my book. 

1:15- Finally turn out the lights and eventually fall asleep. 

Long days, y’all. Long long days but life is good!


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