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The Plum Paper Planner

I’m a planner addict. Actually I’m an organization addict and that carries over to my intense love of planners. For years I’ve used The Happy Planner and been really, well…happy. Then I saw someone post about the Plum Paper Planner and I was intrigued. I spent a month going back and forth before deciding to order one. What finally tipped me over the scale into ordering one was all the options for customizing my planner. With 4 kids in 3 different school systems this year I need to be able to stay organized. This planner allows me to do that. 


There are so many options for customization. You choose your cover. You choose your style. You choose what month to start and how many months you want. You choose the name or word on the cover. You can add all kinds of different sections. You can choose the custom labels for up to 7 sections in the weekly layout. It’s amazing and exactly what I wanted. I went with the ME Family Planner because it fit what I needed the best. 


Each month starts with this monthly highlights page. It has space to write 3 goals for the month, birthdays, events, things to remember, and space for notes. 


This is the other side of the monthly highlights page. I use this page to write out the meals we’re going to eat for the month. It makes it easier to plan the weekly meal plan when I can see all the dinners on one page. 


The monthly calendar spread is great. The boxes are big enough to fit everything for everybody. I started color coding my planner this year and I’m really loving the PaperMate Flair pens. They’re amazing and they don’t smear or bleed through to the other side. 


What really sold me on this planner was the weekly layout sections. Amazing. I customized all 7 boxes according to what I need to keep track of- one box for each kid, dinner, home, and an etc box for everything else. This has made life so much easier. I keep a general record of appointments on the main calendar page and then the in depth information goes in the weekly section. 


I can see every single thing I need to do and where I need to be for the week in one glance. I also use the kids’ sections as reminders for things. This week I made a note in Ty’s section for him to bring the money for his spirit wear. I also noted that Maia needs a calculator by Friday. It’s taken away the fifty billion scraps of paper laying everywhere. I even added a big notes tabbed section at the back of my binder for when I need to jot something down.

I’m extremely happy with my Plum Paper Planner and I will definitely be ordering another one when this one runs out. It’s the perfect size to fit in my bag and the cover protector means it doesn’t get ripped or wrinkled. 

I was not compensated for this post at all. I bought the planner on my own and was not asked to provide a review. I just love it that much!


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