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A Day In Our Life: Summer 2016

I love doing these day in our life posts. They are my favorite posts to read from other people- it’s fun to get a glimpse into another family’s daily life. And I love to go back and look at past posts of mine to see how much life has changed from season to season. Speaking of seasons, summer is almost over here at our house so I figured I should document what a typical day looks like. This has not been the most relaxing of summers because of football but it has been fun. 

7:15am- My alarm goes off. I’d love to sleep until 10 but that’s just never going to happen. Still, 7:15am is a lot better than my 5:30am alarm that starts next week. Ouch. I usually lie in bed for 10 minutes and check emails and facebook while my joints wake up. Then I head to the shower and get ready for the day.


8:00am- Grab a granola bar or breakfast bar and fill up my beloved Yeti for the long drive to pick Ty up from football. This morning was water with peach tea flavor drops. So good, no sugar, no caffeine, and no calories. Throw in a quick load of laundry and empty the dishwasher.

9:00am- Wake up Maia to tell her I’m leaving. She’s about to turn 12 and we’ve been trusting her as our babysitter this summer so the little kids don’t have to come with me every single time. She’s done a great job….and my neighbor is always home in case of an emergency. Make sure to remember my book to read this time.


9:45am- Arrive at the field and wait. Practice never ends on time so I can usually read a few chapters before Ty comes to the car. Matt has been dropping Ty off at practice in the mornings when he leaves for work so I don’t have to get up quite so early.


10:30am- Practice finally ends. Ty remembered his permit so I let him drive us home while I white-knuckle the door handle and say prayers. He’s a very good driver but he’s young. It’s not his driving that concerns me, it’s the idiots on the road with him! 

11:15am- Home, finally. In one piece. Grab a cup of coffee and start a load of Ty’s practice gear in the washer because there is no smell as rank as a teen football player. Febreeze cannot even touch that smell. 


11:30am- Wake up Mase and Zoey. School schedule is really going to hurt, y’all. It’s really going to hurt. These two would sleep until 2pm if I left them alone. Fix them some breakfast/lunch while they whine about how early they had to get up. Make a pasta salad for the annual neighbors night out picnic that night. Do a quick clean up in the kitchen while the kids eat. Toss Ty’s practice gear into the dryer. 


12:00pm- Take Zoey, Mase, and Maia to the pool with a few of their friends while Ty takes a brief nap. Chat with the other moms while the kids swim and have fun with friends. I love being able to sit on a nice lounge chair and gossip with the other neighborhood moms while my kids have fun. This is such a great stage of life for me now. 

1:30pm- Head home with 3 tired kids. Fold Ty’s practice gear and toss the swim gear in the dryer. Dish up snacks for the kids and make myself a quick smoothie. Wake up Ty and make him a sandwich. Return a couple of phone calls. Maia gets picked up by a friend for volleyball.

2:00pm- Drop Zoey and Mase off at their friends houses in the neighborhood and head to Ty’s second practice of the day. I’m so fortunate that my kids have great friends who live in our neighborhood whose houses they can play at while I’m gone and Maia is unavailable to babysit. The only thing worse than sitting in 100 degree heat at football practice is having to take 2 kids with you and listen to them whine about how hot they are. 


3:00pm- Arrive at afternoon practice with seconds to spare. Traffic was a nightmare. Ty heads up to the field in a dead sprint to avoid doing extra runs for being late. I settle in for a long afternoon in the hot sun. There are only a few parents who stay for the whole afternoon practice so I get some more reading done until some more moms show up and then we spend the rest of practice chatting.

5:15pm- Practice is finally over. Pick up Maia then swing past and pick up Mase and Zoey on the way home. Ty and Maia take showers. Toss Maia and Ty’s practice gear into the washer…again. Spray his helmet, cleats, and shoulder pads with Febreeze even though I know it won’t help. I still have to try, right? Keepin’ hope alive.

6:30pm- Load the dishwasher, feed the dogs, throw the practice gear in the dryer, clean up the kitchen, and get ready for the neighbors night out party at our neighborhood clubhouse.


6:45pm- Matt gets home and we all head down to the clubhouse to party. Of course, I forgot the pasta salad and had to run back home to get it. We had a blast talking with old neighbors and new neighbors. We played volleyball, corn hole, and ate so much great food! It’s events like these that make me second guess our desire to move in a few years. We really really love our neighbors and I hate to leave them. 


8:30pm- Arrive home and send the 2 littles to take showers. Make a big batch of scrambled eggs for Ty’s breakfast before practice in the morning while we watch a show. Ty’s friends show up and start an intense game of Monopoly.

9:30pm- Send the 3 youngest kids up to bed and settle in to watch another show with Matt. We’ve been watching Zoo. Have you seen it? It’s so good! 

10:00pm- Matt falls asleep on the couch despite the noise of teen boys trash talking through a game of Monopoly. Who knew you could trash talk a game of Monopoly. Let the dogs out for the last time. Tuck in the 3 younger kids and lights out for them. Watch an episode of Escaping Polygamy since Matt is asleep. He hates those shows. 


11:00pm- Ty’s friends leave and he heads to bed. 

12:00am- Wake up Matt and send him to bed. Lock up the house, set the alarm, put the dogs to bed and head to bed myself to read for awhile.

1:30am- Finish 5 chapters of my current book and lights out!

It’s a busy life but it’s a good life. That’s what I tell myself when I set the alarm for the next morning anyway.


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