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Managing My Household Hot Spots

After a couple of months of diligent searches, we’ve identified the neighborhood that we want to live in when we move. It’s the perfect location (about 15 minutes closer to the kids new charter school), the style that we like best (modern craftsman-ish), the amenities that we desire (2 pools, cabana, large playground, walking trails, tennis courts, etc), and offers the size of house and layouts that we want. We hope to build new because right now they are still building phase 1 of 4 planned phases. But it’s more expensive than what we originally intended to spend so we know that we will have to stay in our current house for at least 3 years in order to be able to afford to move to this neighborhood. Unless we win the lottery. *fingers crossed*

So based on our revised timeline I decided to identify and remedy the hot spots in our current house. What are hot spots? I’m so glad you asked. Hot spots are those areas in your house that drive you insane. Either they are cramped and cluttered, or they are non-functional, or they encourage chaos. We have several such areas in our house and if I have to live here for 3 more years then I need to fix these spots. Knowing that I’m going to be spending a good portion of my days in the car driving kids to and from school, and practices, and everything else then I need every inch of this house to function in an organized manner. 


Our current hot spots:

1. The Front Entry Closet. We did a semi-custom locker system in the closet years ago when we only had a few kids but it’s not functional anymore for a large family. Shoes are just everywhere. There’s nowhere to put hats, mittens, scarves, etc. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to fix the situation but it will be fixed.

2. The Garage Staircase. I’m not sure what it is about a set of stairs that makes my kids think they should pile stuff there but our garage staircase is so cluttered that I almost fell down it last week. I’m going to take everything off the stairs and start over. I think I’m going to paint the stairs and railing too. Might as well make it look pretty. I want to move the dog leashes out there to free up space in the front closet. I have a general idea of what I want so now I just need to execute it.

3. The Laundry. Dear Lord, the laundry. It’s out of control. Right now each kid has an individual laundry basket in their rooms. Thanks to my new extra large capacity washer and dryer I could fit all 3 younger kids dirty laundry into one load. But the separating colors and whites and darks and jeans….it’s killing me. I need a central hamper system that can be in the upstairs hallway for all 3 kids to use. It’ll have to look nice because that area can be seen from the front door. I’m on the lookout for something.

4. The Shoe Clutter. The kids keep school and nice shoes in the front entry closet but all their play shoes are in a canvas bin beside the back door. It’s not working. They dig through the bucket and just dump out other people’s shoes all over the place. I need a shoe cabinet by the back door. I found one at IKEA so I just need to make it happen.

5. The Linen Closet. Right now it’s just a disaster catch all closet upstairs. I have extra school supplies, bags of clothes to donate, kids books, and a whole lot of linens in there. Oh and medications too. And Bailey’s dog food. And extra toiletries. I need to pull everything out, donate what we don’t need, and organize the heck out of that space. It’s just not functional right now. 

Those are the top hot spots in my house right now. There are others. Boy are there others. But I know if I try to do them all at one time I’ll get overwhelmed, annoyed, and stop halfway through. So these are the 5 I’m going to focus on before school starts up again in August. Then I’ll make another list. 


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